Wireless treatment of pain in scoliosis – 2022


Wireless treatment of pain in scoliosis

Wireless treatment of pain in scoliosis is prescribed when the blockade provides only temporary relief.


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Even mild degrees of curvature of the spine are fraught with the development of early osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis of the small vertebral joints, as well as the development of instability of certain parts of the spine.
Neurospine Clinic uses minimally invasive methods of scoliosis treatment:

  • epidural administration of steroids;
  • selective root blockade;
  • blockade of facet joints;
  • radiofrequency treatment of pain;
  • Decompression-stabilizing operations.

Epidural administration of steroids

Mechanism of action in scoliosis

Epidural (epidural) administration of steroids is performed in the thoracic and lumbar segments in cases where the pain in scoliosis is associated with an inflammatory reaction prone to persistent flow.

Mechanism of action. Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs eliminate inflammatory edema and relieve the pinched root from the pressure of the surrounding tissues. Blood flow is restored, conditions are created for the regeneration of damaged nerve tissue.

The analgesic effect of steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is enhanced by anesthetics, which are administered together with steroids “in one syringe”.

Technique, side effects, result

Epidural administration of steroids is performed under X-ray control in the patient’s position on the abdomen after previous anesthesia. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, 15-20 minutes after administration the patient can go home.

Side effects. Some steroids can be absorbed from the epidural space into the blood, can cause reversible side effects: high blood pressure, epigastric pain, palpitations, discoloration. These effects do not require treatment, according to the indications for the protection of the stomach may be prescribed omeprazole or its analogues for 3-5 days after the procedure.

The result is fully manifested in a day. In complex cases, you will need several injections, which can be carried out at intervals of 2-4 weeks.

Blockade of facet joints in the treatment of scoliosis

Curvature of the spine disrupts the congruence (anatomical compliance) of the articular surfaces of the small joints of the spine. Therefore, the movements of the spine in scoliosis injure the facet joints. As a result, an inflammatory process develops – arthritis, which is accompanied by severe pain, which doctors call facet syndrome.

Pain causes reflex contractions of the back muscles, which can increase the curvature of the spine, contributing to the development of complications. In addition, reflex muscle contraction disrupts blood circulation in the capillaries of the affected area, leading to hypoxia.

As a result, a vicious circle develops: pain increases muscle spasm, and muscle spasm increases pain. Blockade of facet joints eliminates pain, preventing complications. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under the control of the equipment. Inside the joint are injected drugs that suppress the inflammatory reaction and relieve pain.

Wireless treatment of pain in scoliosis

Wireless treatment of pain in scoliosis is prescribed when the blockade provides only temporary relief. The procedure can be performed at any level of nerve tissue damage.

The mechanism of action is the destruction of radiofrequency nerve fibers that conduct pain impulses. As a result, the issue of pain is resolved radically.

Percutaneous radiofrequency innervation is:

  • short list of contraindications;
  • high efficiency;
  • No harmful side effects.

The procedure does not require special training, there is no recovery period. Leading pain nerve fibers are destroyed under the control of the equipment, which minimizes the risk of complications.

Relief comes on the day of the manipulation. However, it may take a longer period (up to several weeks) for the full effect to develop.

Decompressive and stabilizing surgery in the treatment of scoliosis

Decompressive and stabilizing operations are prescribed for complications of scoliosis, which lead to compression (damage) of nerve structures: coming from the spine of the roots of the spinal nerves or located inside the spinal cord.

Nervous tissue is sensitive to hypoxia, so the compression syndrome threatens the death of nerve cells, which leads to:

  • paresis and paralysis of muscle tissue;
  • loss of sensitivity;
  • violation of the internal organs;
  • trophic disorders (decreased nutrition of innervated tissues).

The essence of decompressive and stabilizing operations is to release nerve tissue from pressure (decompression) and fixation of vertebral bodies in a given position.

At the Neurospine Clinic, scoliosis surgeries are performed with minimally invasive methods, which reduces the list of contraindications.

Reliable systems of EU manufacturers are used for fixing, the operation is carried out under hardware control. Rehabilitation measures begin in the first hours after the intervention.


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