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Why should eye care be used? – 2022

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Why should eye care be used?

The skin around our eyes has less fatty tissue than the rest of the skin on the face. Eye care

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Why should eye care be used?

The skin around our eyes has less fatty tissue than the rest of the skin on the face. The result: the barrier layer is thinner and the elasticity less, explains our expert, dermatologist from Munich, Patricia Ogilvy *. So you can see how the underlying veins and lymph vessels are shining. It is no wonder that the first wrinkles in women usually appear in the area around the eyes, followed by annoying crow’s feet. Dark circles also become apparent due to increased blood flow to the blood and lymph vessels. “The eye area is one of the driest and most sensitive parts of the facial skin and therefore needs particularly effective and tailored anti-aging protection,” Ogilvy said. It is therefore best to start proper anti-aging eye care as early as possible. This is how it is done!

How to apply eye care?

A good eye cream is applied twice a day: morning and evening. Just like your regular face cream, you need to give your eye cream time to absorb it. Especially with wrinkles around the eyes, you should wait 1-2 minutes until the skin is dry before using concealer and powder – otherwise the make-up will tend to accumulate in the wrinkles and will emphasize only your lines. Eye cream should never get into the eye. Therefore, pat the cream from the inside and under the eye.

When is eye care necessary?

Given the high prices of good eye care products, one wonders when to start eye care. Already at the age of 25? At 30, out of 40 or at least out of 50? Expert Oglivi advises: “Since the mid-twenties, the skin is no longer supplied with blood and loses moisture.” If you have extremely dry skin right around your eyes – then it is high time for special care, even if you are not over 30 years old! Already in the twenties, the elasticity of connective tissue has significantly decreased, so women should include eye cream in their care routine by the age of 25 at the latest. But if you are blessed with smooth, fresh skin and an even complexion, you can certainly wait a little longer. A great indicator is the self-test in the mirror: Relax your face (do not laugh!) And see if wrinkles remain despite the neutral features of the face.

Use concealer to hide shadows under the eyes

The concealer has much more coverage than the make-up and thus perfectly hides the dark circles under the eyes and the smaller imperfections of the skin. Always choose a correction stick or cream that is a shade lighter than your skin tone. Always apply (do not rub) the concealer from the inside of the eye to the outside, as the excess cream has the property of accumulating in wrinkles.

Trend: Color correction

This concealer trend works very easily on the principle of complementary colors. This means that you always choose your concealer shade in a color opposite to the shade of your problem area.

An orange-pink concealer helps against dark circles under eyes, shadows, age-related pigment spots and darker skin
Green concealer helps against redness, pimples or scars
Isholtenik concealer helps with bluish shimmering veins and bruises
Violet concealer helps with pale, yellowish complexion


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