Why is Genioplasty Surgery Necessary? – 2022


Why is Genioplasty Surgery Necessary?

People often go through genioplasty procedures to change the physical appearance of their jaws. As a result, people view genioplasty as a form of cosmetic surgery.

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Why is Genioplasty Surgery Necessary?

People often go through genioplasty procedures to change the physical appearance of their jaws. As a result, people view genioplasty as a form of cosmetic surgery.

However, medical conditions may require surgical intervention.

An example of this is retrogenia or a receding chin. Retrogenia can lead to obstructive sleep apnea, a sleep disorder in which a person’s breathing stops and starts repeatedly throughout the night.

According to a 2018 retrospective study, researchers found that people with certain jaw and jaw defects have a higher risk of developing obstructive sleep apnea. The risk is especially true if they are older than 30 or are overweight.


People should attend a clinical evaluation with a licensed surgeon before embarking on a chin augmentation procedure.

During the consultation, a surgeon will review a person’s medical history and current health status. They will ask the individual to describe what they hope to achieve from the procedure.

The surgeon will measure the person’s face and take X-ray and CT images of their jaws.

Once the surgeon has chosen the most appropriate option, he or she can make recommendations and begin planning the procedure.

For a sliding genioplasty, this may include deciding where and at what angle to cut the jawbone. They will also need to consider personnel and equipment requirements for the procedure.

Surgeons planning an implant augmentation procedure will decide whether to use implants, filler injections, or a combination of both. They will also consider the material and fillers of the implant.

In most cases, people need to avoid eating solid foods for at least 6-8 hours before surgery. People can drink fluids up to 2 hours before surgery.

Chin augmentation procedures require general anesthesia. Although people can go home after their surgery, they must make transportation arrangements in advance.

Implant Augmentation Procedure

Implant augmentation procedures take approximately 1 hour. Surgical implant procedures typically include the following steps:

  • The surgeon makes a small incision inside the mouth or under the chin.
  • They incision and place the implant around the jawbone, then insert the implant.
  • The surgeon closes the incision with sutures.
  • If someone chooses a non-surgical augmentation option, the surgeon injects dermal fillers around the mouth, chin, or chin. They may need to repeat this procedure as the filler dissolves after a few months.


Aftercare instructions for surgical implants are similar to sliding genioplasty procedures.

People may notice minor swelling, redness, or bruising that should resolve on their own.

People can reduce pain and swelling with over-the-counter pain relievers and cold compresses. Most people can return to their daily activities within 1 week.

The American Board of Aesthetic Surgery recommends that people stay on the back of their head for 1-2 weeks after surgery.

Recovery Time

Various factors affect recovery times, such as:

  • Procedure type
  • Scope of surgical changes
  • how quickly the body heals
  • Any complications such as infections
  • After implant augmentation, a person can return to work after 7 days.

The chin may appear to have healed completely within a few weeks. However, full recovery occurs when there is no longer any sign of swelling, which can last for 3 months.

People who have had sliding genioplasty or implant surgeries should attend regular follow-up appointments with their surgeon to monitor their recovery and address complications.

Dermal fillers do not leave scars and have shorter recovery times than sliding genioplasty and implant surgeries.

Risks and Complications

Sliding genioplasty and chin implantation procedures are both safe and effective methods to improve the appearance of chin.

However, all surgical procedures carry a risk of side effects and complications.

Genioplasty procedures may cause temporary side effects such as:

  • redness or bruising
  • tenderness or pain
  • Swelling
  • loss of feeling or numbness

Possible complications of genioplasty include:

  • Infection
  • Damage to nerves or tooth roots
  • Allergic reaction to the filling or implant material
  • Changes in implant position



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