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Why do dogs get skin cancer? – 2022

skin cancer

Why do dogs get skin cancer?

It should be constantly emphasized that the sooner the skin cancer is detected and diagnosed, the greater the chances of curing your dog. If the cancer is first allowed to spread to other places…


SKIN CANCER IN DOGS: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment – 2022


What is skin cancer?

Skin cancer (skin tumors) is seen as swelling that can occur anywhere in the skin and have many different expressions, depending on the type of cancer.
Microscopically, the cancerous tissue is characterized by cells in the tissue beginning to grow uncontrollably. As a rule, it is a certain type of tissue that dominates the cancerous nodule, and the cancerous nodule is then named after it. Most forms of skin cancer occur primarily in the skin, and only rarely do they spread from other parts of the body.

What are the symptoms of skin cancer?

  • Cancer can occur anywhere in the skin; thus also in ears, nose and oral cavity, on foot pads and around the rectum. Depending on the location, skin cancer can cause great inconvenience to the dog, and must therefore be remedied as soon as possible.
  • Benign cancer is most often delineated (you can feel it all the way around the nodule) and slowly growing. Malignant forms of cancerous nodules tend to grow diffusely into the skin and subcutaneous tissue, and are usually fast-growing.
  • Usually the dog is not affected in the beginning, but if the cancer is a nuisance, the dog can scratch and thereby make wounds, which heal poorly and bleed constantly. Malignant cancerous nodules can spread to the rest of the body, causing the dog to become tired, lose weight and possibly throwing up.

How is skin cancer treated?

In most cases, where the owner quickly makes sure to get his dog in treatment, the vet will be able to remove the knot during an operation. The nodule is often sent for examination in a laboratory, to check that all the diseased tissue has been removed, and to determine the type of cancer. Where the knot is very aggressively growing and possibly. sitting in a place where surgery is not or only partially feasible, killing may be considered so that the dog is not inflicted with unnecessary suffering.

What is the future for your dog if it has skin cancer?

It should be constantly emphasized that the sooner the skin cancer is detected and diagnosed, the greater the chances of curing your dog. If the cancer is first allowed to spread to other places in the skin or to internal organs, then the future is very uncertain, and the course can be very short-lived – a few weeks – before the dog has to be killed. So do not look at the time!

Why do dogs get skin cancer?

Der er mange eksterne miljøfaktorer, som spiller ind. Blandt dem findes:

  • pesticides
  • ultraviolet radiation
  • radiation
  • virus

In addition, common aging processes, sex hormones and hereditary dispositions are also thought to play a role. A single cell undergoes some genetic transformations – mutations – of the genes that regulate the growth and specialization of the cells. Once enough transformations have taken place, the development of cancer has begun.

What is the risk of your dog getting skin cancer?

With the dog’s increasing age, you need to be aware of the risk of skin cancer. It is not possible to put any percentage on this risk, but regular examination at fur care will give you a sense of whether there are abnormal swellings in the skin. If you notice such swellings, have them examined by your veterinarian as soon as possible.


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