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Who is breast augmentation by prosthesis for? – 2022

breast augmentation

Who is breast augmentation by prosthesis for?

The procedure can be performed at any age, from the age of 18. Breast augmentation

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Presentation of the breast augmentation procedure

Breast hypoplasty is defined as insufficient breast volume. It may be related to insufficient development of the gland at puberty. It can also appear later, by loss of glandular volume (pregnancy, weight loss, hormonal disturbances).

Breast implants consist of an envelope and a filler. The envelope is made of a silicone elastomer. Some contain polyurethane.

Prostheses pre-filled with silicone gel are increasingly used. They ensure a supple feel to the breast close to a natural consistency. The gels are more or less cohesive. In addition, they avoid, in the event of rupture, the diffusion of the silicone.

There are other types of implants:

  • Prostheses filled with hydrogel: aqueous gel, composed of a large part of water gelled by a cellulose derivative. In case of rupture of the envelope, the gel is absorbable by the body.
  • Prostheses with an envelope covered with polyurethane foam: the envelope will integrate into the surrounding tissues. It provides a form of tissue attachment. These implants have experienced a certain boom in recent years. Indeed, they would make it possible to better perpetuate their positioning, to reduce overweight and to prevent the rotation of anatomical implants.

Who is breast augmentation by prosthesis for?

The procedure can be performed at any age, from the age of 18. It can be considered when the patient experiences physical or psychological discomfort, such as an attack on her femininity, an alteration in self-confidence, which can go as far as a real complex.


Each surgeon adopts his own technique and adapts it according to the case of his patients, to obtain the best results. However, there are common bases; there are several possible “first” routes:

  • By areolar route, with an incision in the lower segment of the circumference of the areola, or by horizontal opening bypassing the nipple from below.
  • Through the armpit, with an incision under the arm, in the armpit.
  • Via the submammary route, with an incision placed in the groove under the breast.

The route of these incisions corresponds to the location of future scars which will therefore be hidden in areas of junctions and natural folds.

Two positions are possible:

  • Premuscular: the prostheses are placed directly behind the gland, in front of the pectoral muscles.
  • Retromuscular: the prostheses are placed deeper, behind the pectoral muscles.

In the case of breast poses, it may be desirable to reduce the skin envelope of the breast in order to raise it. In this case, the scars could be more important.


Depending on the surgeon and the route, the procedure can last from one to two and a half hours.

Type of anesthesia

Most often, this is a general anesthesia. In rare cases, “vigil” anesthesia (local anesthesia with tranquilizers) may be considered.

Type of hospitalization

The procedure generally requires a one-day hospital stay. Exit is authorized the next day. It can also be practiced on an outpatient basis, with an exit the same day after a few hours of monitoring.

Threads, bandages and sutures

The sutures are absorbable. It is not necessary to remove them.


The scars are the origin of the incisions made to install the prostheses. They are in the natural folds of the little and are, therefore, discreet.


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