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Who can get forehead, temple and eyebrow lift? – 2022

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Who can get forehead, temple and eyebrow lift?

A forehead, temple or eyebrow lift is best suited for men and women whose skin still has some elasticity.

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Patient information on forehead, temple and eyebrow lifting

There are various methods by which to perform a forehead lift, temple lift or alternatively an eyebrow lift. Which method best suits your desire for the cosmetic result, you and the surgeon will find out during the initial consultation.

Classic eyebrow lift: Takes place by making a cut right at the hairline or up in the hair itself. Then the skin and underlying tissue are loosened down in the forehead, which is tightened up and the excess skin is removed. If necessary, remove some of the muscles between the eyebrows. Finally, close with threads or clips.

Endoscopic forehead lift: Also called the binocular method and takes place by tightening up the forehead via very small holes in the hairline (approx. 5-10 mm). This in combination with the muscles between the brows weakening. The tightening is done with wire, which in some cases is tightened up to a small self-dissolving “screw”, which is placed in the bone. The small holes are closed with either clips or threads.

Temporal lift: The procedure consists of placing a small incision within the hairline in the temporal region. The skin to the side of the forehead is loosened and tightened with strands. Any excess skin is removed and closed with thread or clips.

Direct eyebrow lift: This method removes excess skin in the area just above the eyebrows. Sewing is done and the operation is complete.

The operation itself usually takes approx. 1- 1½ time.

Forehead, temple and eyebrow lifts are often performed in combination with a facelift, eyelid surgeries, liposuction, chin transplantation, Botox / Azzalure and filler treatments to achieve a generally younger look.

Who can get forehead, temple and eyebrow lift?

A forehead, temple or eyebrow lift is best suited for men and women whose skin still has some elasticity. Typically, patients are aged 40 to about 70 years, but a forehead, temple or eyebrow lift can be successfully performed on both older and younger people.

What should you have done?

Before deciding to have an eyebrow, temples or forehead lift done, carefully consider your expectations and discuss them with the plastic surgeon. This will take place during a preliminary examination, and the surgeon will assess your face before you plan your operation together. Just note that by law, you can only give your consent to the operation and be operated on after you have had 7 days of reflection time after the preliminary examination.

You are welcome to bring a friend, family member or girlfriend to the preliminary examination, where the oral information is given. At AK Nygart, we take pride in providing as thorough professional and personal guidance as possible.

Remember that there can be a maximum of 2 people for a preliminary examination at a time. If there are several of you who want a preliminary examination and would like to have a relative with you, you must therefore book appointments independently of each other.

How can you prepare for the operation?


The operation can take place under general anesthesia or under local anesthesia. What type of anesthesia you need, you agree with the plastic surgeon. If you need local anesthesia, you can get a sedative before the operation, if you wish.

Should you be under general anesthesia, you should fast from midnight the day before your surgery. Fasting means that in any case you must not eat within the last 6 hours before the operation (neither eating, chewing gum or the like). You may drink small amounts of water or juice until 2 hours before the operation. You will wake up immediately after the operation and come to the recovery ward, where a nurse will observe you.


Remember to take a shower on the day of surgery immediately before leaving home. You need to wash your whole body including your hair with soap.

Avoid applying face cream after the bath.

On the day of surgery, you must meet without jewelry, piercings, makeup, nail polish, artificial nails and contact lenses.

Before the operation, you must:

  • 1 week before the operation, you must stop eating medicines that contain acetylsalicylic acid (Magnyl, Aspirin, etc.). However, do not stop eating cardiac magnyl or other blood-thinning medication without consulting your own doctor or cardiologist.
    Herbal medicines that can affect the blood’s ability to clot, eg Q10, fish oil or vitamin E, you should stop 1 week before.
  • Arrange home transport with a relative after the operation
  • Shop and cook for 1 week, so you only have to concentrate on recovering after the operation.
  • Jewelry and any piercings are removed and left at home.
  • Take a break from smoking / E-cigarettes 6 weeks before and 4 weeks after the operation: To reduce the risk of poor wound healing, lung problems and infections in connection with the operation, you should stop smoking at least 6 weeks before the operation. If you plan to start smoking again, we recommend that you wait at least 4 weeks after the operation to optimize the healing process. Smoking cessation medication (nicotine patch, nicotine gum, etc) can be used.
  • Take a break from alcohol: You have a low risk of becoming ill due to alcohol in connection with an operation if you drink less than 7 items / week as a woman and less than 14 items / week as a man. If you drink more than 4 items a day, you can reduce the risk of complications (infections, poor wound healing, lung problems) if you stop drinking alcohol completely 4 weeks before your surgery.


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