Who are the candidates for Rhinoplasty surgery? – 2022


Who are the candidates for Rhinoplasty surgery?

Suitable for rhinoplasty are men or women who are bothered by the external appearance of their nose and / or find it difficult to breathe through it.

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Who are the candidates for Rhinoplasty surgery?

Suitable for rhinoplasty are men or women who are bothered by the external appearance of their nose and / or find it difficult to breathe through it. Necessary conditions are the good mental health and the realistic expectations of the person concerned.

What is the right age?

A necessary condition for someone to undergo Rhinoplasty is to have completed the development of facial features and therefore his nose. In women this happens at the age of 16-17 years while in men at the age of 18-19 years. As for older people, there is no ceiling and so any person who feels the need to improve the appearance and function of his nose can undergo rhinoplasty surgery.

Is there a suitable time?

No. The operation can have just as good results and be followed by an equally rapid recovery regardless of the time period in which it will be performed. Of course in any case it is necessary to follow the postoperative instructions. So when the operation will be performed practically depends on the program and the time margins of the patient and the surgeon.

What is the procedure of the operation?

Rhinoplasty is performed in organized nursing centers. Prior to the operation, a preoperative examination (blood tests, assessment by a cardiologist and anesthesiologist) is necessary, which in most cases is performed on the day of surgery, a few hours before the start of the operation. The patient is then taken to the operating room where the operation takes place under general anesthesia. He is then taken to his room where he stays for at least 6 hours. After this time and depending on his desire he can return home or alternatively he can spend the night in the clinic and be discharged the next day.

Can my breathing be corrected at the same time?

Certainly. The experienced and trained rhinosurgeon can in the same operation at the same time with the aesthetic problem of the nose correct the breathing by performing straightening of a crooked nasal septum, plastic of the hypertrophic nasal passages and endoscopic removal of the nasal polyps.

Rhinoplasty for women – Rhinoplasty for men

Rhinoplasty is a separate procedure for each patient. Nevertheless, it is governed by some basic aesthetic rules which are generally accepted and their application as much as possible can contribute decisively to an excellent aesthetic result. In this light, it is advisable to note some differences in terms of the desired result in women and men who undergo nose plastic surgery, but these are not always an inviolable rule.

Thus, the nose-lip angle, ie the angle that is formed between the nose and the upper lip, in women should ideally be between 95 and 110 degrees while in men it should be from 90 to 95 degrees. In other words, for women, a slightly more “raised” top (but in no case an overly upright top that refers to a “French” nose) is aesthetically acceptable and can give beauty and elegance to the whole set. Especially in shorter people, this feature is considered more appropriate. On the contrary, in men we seek an almost right angle which is in line with the rest of their masculine features.

By analogy, in women we aim for the back of the nose to be slightly lower than in men, a fact that makes the top stand out discreetly, giving the nose a more feminine profile. On the contrary, in men we aim at a back that is almost at the same height as the top and gives the image of a “strong” male profile.

In any case, in modern rhinoplasty, there are a variety of techniques available whose application allows us to ensure an aesthetic result that will meet the preferences and expectations of each patient individually.


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