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Who are good candidates for a brow lift? – 2022

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Who are good candidates for a brow lift?

People who want an embellishment of their look and who have low eyebrows, or whose orientation is flat or downwards. Brow lift

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  • Eyebrow lifting is the little-known eye surgery procedure that raises the height of the eyebrows, especially their outer part, to open up the gaze or change the orientation of the eyebrows.

With age, it is common for a laxity to develop in the eyebrow and forehead area, which can affect how people look. While this is often corrected with an eyelid lift (blepharoplasty), a forehead lift – now commonly known as an endoscopic brow lift – or both procedures together (a brow lift and blepharoplasty), some patients may be better suited for an eyebrow lift alone.


  • The main objective of an eyebrow lift is to beautify the look of people who have eyebrows that are too low or too flat or who have an oblique downward orientation of their eyebrows.
  • It also makes it possible to rejuvenate the look for people embarrassed by the fall of their eyebrows on their eyelids.

What are the procedures that can be associated with an eyebrow lift?

  • An upper blepharoplasty can be combined with an eyebrow lift to treat the excess skin at the eyelid level at the same time: there is therefore a double effect:
  • Eyebrow lift.
  • Resection of excess eyelid skin.
  • All rejuvenation surgeries: upper and lower blepharoplasty, cervico-facial lift, facial lipofilling, lip lift.

Who are good candidates for a brow lift?

  • People who want an embellishment of their look and who have low eyebrows, or whose orientation is flat or downwards.
  • People bothered by the fall of their eyebrows.


How is the preoperative consultation for an eyebrow lift carried out?
  • The consultation begins with a clear explanation of your requests and your concerns regarding your eyebrows.
  • The clinical examination consists of an evaluation of your gaze and your eyebrows, and their evolution over time. It is useful to bring back old photographs during the consultation.
What are the preoperative examinations for an eyebrow lift?
  • A blood test to make sure you are in good health.
  • A consultation with the anesthesiologist for sedation or general anesthesia.


  • Hospitalization is outpatient.
  • The anesthesia is local, very rarely ambulatory.
  • The duration of the intervention is less than 1 hour.
    • Preoperative DRAWING.
    • INFILTRATOIN of anti-bleeding saline solution.
    • RESECTION of excess skin.
    • EYEBROW RELEASE to raise it.
    • Cutaneous SUTURE with an absorbable thread running along each skin edge.


What are the immediate postoperative consequences of an eyebrow lift?
  • The pain is almost absent and requires taking weak analgesics.
  • The scar is concealed at the upper edge of the eyebrow.
  • Discharge from the clinic takes place the same day.
  • The sutures are removed on the 7th
  • The swelling is moderate and persists for a few days.
How does the result of an eyebrow lift evolve?
  • The result is immediate, the eyebrows are immediately raised.
  • The scar remains red for about 3 months.
  • The scar can be made up from the end of the first postoperative month to be hidden. It should not be exposed to the sun for 1 year.
  • In case of a slightly visible scar, dermo pigmentation is possible after 12 to 18 months.

What are the possible complications?

An exceptional wound healing disorder.


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