When may you need a rhinoplasty? – 2022


When may you need a rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty can be a solution to correct a myriad of deformities in the nose, so if your nose is too long, wide, possibly hooked or oblique, this…

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Rhinoplasty surgeries have been performed by surgeons for a relatively long time, but with the help of modern plastic surgery, they are now performed completely safely and quickly with such an intervention.

Nose surgery offers an excellent opportunity – for the rest of your life – both aesthetically and psychologically – for those who have health or mental problems with their noses.

In our article, we have gathered the most important information about the different forms of rhinoplasty surgery. You can also read about the benefits and course of rhinoplasty surgeries, what to do after the surgery, and the prices of rhinoplasty. In addition, we provide useful tips on preparation and recovery, as well as possible complications of rhinoplasty.

Causes of nasal deformity

Nose deformity is a birth defect in most cases, and since you probably can’t make it either if your nose is slanted or too big, it’s completely understandable if you want to change that condition.
There are also cases where a person is dissatisfied with their nose, not for an innate reason, but for an accident or injury, for example.
It is also worth adding that various lesions can not only be an aesthetic problem, but are often associated with health and respiratory problems and functional disorders.

The benefits of rhinoplasty

  • This intervention can provide a solution to a wide range of nasal lesions
  • The result is immediately visible
  • Healing doesn’t take much time, you can get back to work relatively quickly
  • The end result is a symmetrical, aesthetic nose in every case, so it helps to increase the harmony of your face
  • Since this is an “internal” surgery, there will be no visible scars, you will not have to return to surgery for suturing
  • If the rhinoplasty is performed by a truly professional doctor, there is very little chance of any complications, very rarely complications.

When may you need a rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty can be a solution to correct a myriad of deformities in the nose, so if your nose is too long, wide, possibly hooked or oblique, this intervention will also help.

Rhinoplasty surgery can be just as important if the procedure is needed for health reasons other than aesthetics. Nasal congestion, nasal polyps, upper respiratory tract diseases and other nasal organ problems are the solution to nasal septum surgery and rhinoplasty.

Types of rhinoplasty

There are two types of rhinoplasty, performed in two ways by plastic surgeons.

  • closed rhinoplasty: For the first time, a closed operation is usually performed, which means that no external incision is made in the nose.
  • open rhinoplasty: This type is not usually performed as a primary procedure, this type of surgery is used by surgeons for later corrective surgeries.

The course of rhinoplasty

Before the intervention

During the pre-rhinoplasty consultation, the patient thoroughly discusses the needs, options, and the exact course of the procedure with the plastic surgeon performing the surgery. This is when you can ask all the questions of the patient and the doctor will inform you about the smallest details.

It is also common practice to computer model the desired, expected shapes so that the patient can see almost exactly what his or her face will look like after the surgery. In doing so, they take pictures of you from different angles with a digital camera and use a program to create the possible versions, from which you will be free to choose.

An ECG and various laboratory tests are also needed before surgery to make sure you are fully fit or to undergo surgery.


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