What types of rhinoplasty are there? – 2022


What types of rhinoplasty are there? – 2022

In medicine, there are different types of rhinoplasty, which mainly differ in how they are carried out.

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What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, or rhinoplasty, refers to the correction of the outer nose and is one of the most demanding operations. The nose is corrected as part of a surgical procedure according to the wishes of the person concerned. The surgical correction not only serves to reshape congenital changes in shape, but also to correct it after serious accidents.

What are the reasons for a rhinoplasty?

Correction of the nose is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures and is carried out for various reasons. For example, a nose reduction, a nose tip correction, the correction of a crooked nose or the narrowing of the nostrils in the course of a nostril operation are often requested. Physicians distinguish above all between aesthetic and functional reasons. In the case of the aesthetic motifs, the persons concerned have a special image of the nose which, in their opinion, urgently needs to be corrected. In the case of functional reasons, on the other hand, the shape impedes the proper functioning of the nose and can thus lead to problems with nasal breathing.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty offers the advantage that doctors can correct all possible shapes of the nose using the most modern techniques. However, the correction has the disadvantage that the healing process usually takes a little longer. Due to the gentle surgical technique, this is hardly a problem. In general, however, those affected must expect swelling and bruising for several weeks.

For whom is a rhinoplasty suitable and for whom not?

Rhinoplasty is suitable not only for people who want to correct a nose deformity, but also for people who want to change the aesthetics of their nose. However, facial growth should already be complete for the correction to be effective. For this reason, the procedure is usually only performed from the age of 18.

What types of rhinoplasty are there?

In medicine, there are different types of rhinoplasty, which mainly differ in how they are carried out. During rhinoplasty surgery, the nose can be changed significantly. The goal here is always to bring the nose in harmony and balance to the face. Doctors distinguish between treatments for functional and aesthetic reasons.

All the corrections that only affect the aesthetics of the nose fall within the scope of cosmetic surgery. These include correction of the tip shape, a slope of the bridge of the nose and a reduction in the size of the nose or nostrils.

If, on the other hand, the nasal structures are displaced as a result of an accident or trauma, the function of the nose can be impaired. Damage after a broken nose in particular can therefore restrict respiratory function. These are medically necessary nose corrections.

Which nasal deformities can be treated?

With a rhinoplasty, doctors can treat a wide variety of deformities. This is how it is possible:

  • to correct a saddle nose
  • to remove the hump in the case of a humped nose
  • to straighten the nasal septum
  • to correct the tip of the nose
  • to shorten a nose that is too long
  • to shrink the nostrils
  • reduce bone structure

Which doctor performs a rhinoplasty?

For a correction of the nose, a specialist in ear, nose and throat medicine is an option. An ENT doctor is particularly necessary when medically necessary nose corrections have to be carried out. However, in some cases, the procedure can also be performed by a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery.


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