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What happens before breast augmentation surgery? – 2022

breast augmentation

What happens before breast augmentation surgery?

Before the operation, you will undergo a pre-operative examination, as your safety is of paramount importance. Breast augmentation

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What is breast enlargement?

Breast augmentation is probably the most popular cosmetic surgery in the world. This is the surgical insertion of silicone implants into the breast and aims to:

  • increase occupancy
  • Improving breast symmetry
  • Restoration of lost volume after weight loss or pregnancy

What does breast augmentation provide?

Breast augmentation offers every woman a natural and aesthetically pleasing result that improves her appearance, highlights her strengths and fills her with self-confidence and self-confidence.

In which situations is suction augmentation applied?

Suitable candidates for breast augmentation are women with the following characteristics:

  • They are not satisfied with the natural size of their breasts.
  • Breasts have lost their shape and volume due to weight loss, pregnancy, or over time.
  • Dissatisfied with the appearance of the “empty” upper part of their breasts
  • There is asymmetry between the breasts
  • One or both breasts are not normally developed or are tubular.
  • Their breasts are fully developed.
  • Have realistic expectations about the final result

What is the right age to have breast augmentation surgery?

A woman can have breast augmentation surgery after the age of 18. As long as the woman is an adult and healthy, there is no other time or age restriction.

What happens during a doctor’s visit?

  • What exactly do you care about the appearance of your breasts?
  • If breast augmentation is appropriate in your case
  • Your extensive medical history, including any allergies or previous surgeries, as well as any medications, vitamins, or dietary supplements you may have taken
  • If you have a family history of breast cancer
  • Results from mammograms or previous biopsies


  • He or she will assess your general health and possible risk factors.
  • He will take detailed measurements of breast size and shape, examine skin quality and nipple placement.
  • Will take photos before surgery
  • It will inform you about possible surgical complications depending on the situation.
  • He or she will inform you about the risks or possible complications as well as the post-operative results.
  • It will inform you about the use of anesthesia.

What happens before augmentation surgery?

Before the operation, you will undergo a pre-operative examination, as your safety is of paramount importance. Preoperative examination includes:

  • blood tests
  • chest x-ray
  • cardiogram
  • Special exams on a case-by-case basis

How is the operation done?

Breast augmentation surgery is an operation performed under general anesthesia. The incisions are made from invisible places so that the scar is as visible as possible. An incision can be made to place the implants:

  • in the armpit
  • on the nipple
  • In the lumbar region (the point where the breast ends)

The choice of incision depends on the type and size of the implant to be used, and the woman’s body type. So, for example, in a woman with a small nipple, an incision cannot be made in that area.

Then, again depending on the body type and the unique characteristics of each woman, the insert is placed in a specific anatomical plan.

Choosing and applying the breast augmentation method suitable for your situation is something that you will discuss in detail with your doctor in order to achieve the most even and natural result according to your situation.

What are implant placement techniques?

The main anatomical levels of implant placement are:

  • Under the mammary gland (subglandular)
  • Under the fascia of the pectoralis muscle (subfascial)
  • Under the pectoral muscle (subpectoral)
  • Placing half of the insert under the gland and the other half under the muscle at the anatomical level (dual plan)
  • After successful placement of the inserts, the incisions are closed at multiple levels with absorbable sutures. The incisions may be permanent, but in most cases they are very small and become less visible over time.


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