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What do you have to consider before rhinoplasty?

Before the rhinoplasty, you should not eat or drink anything for about six hours before the procedure, especially if you are under general anesthesia.

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How does a rhinoplasty work?

The form of anesthesia depends primarily on the extent of the intervention. A rhinoplasty can therefore be performed under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia. The procedure itself is primarily related to the individual anatomy of the nasal framework. In most cases, both the bony and cartilaginous structures of the nose are treated. In addition, straightening of the nasal septum may be necessary. All of this also decides which surgical technique is suitable. After the rhinoplasty, the nose is usually immobilized with a plaster cast or splint for ten days.

What happens before the rhinoplasty?

Before the date of the operation, preliminary examinations are carried out on an outpatient basis in order to check the condition of the nasal mucous membranes and the respiratory function. In this way, the doctor can also identify any allergies that may be present. In this context, it is also important to clarify chronic inflammation of the nose and throat in good time before the nose correction. It is also particularly important to inform the doctor about medication and illnesses.

In addition, a detailed consultation with the treating surgeon takes place before the procedure. The doctor will explain the course of treatment, the surgical method and the possible risks to you.

Does the operation take place under general anesthesia?

In most cases, the operation is performed under general anesthesia and is therefore associated with an inpatient hospital stay. In some cases, the procedure can be performed under local anesthesia. However, this primarily depends on the extent of the correction.

What do you have to consider before rhinoplasty?

Before the rhinoplasty, you should not eat or drink anything for about six hours before the procedure, especially if you are under general anesthesia. You should also only eat light food the night before. In addition, you should refrain from nicotine and alcohol for about 14 days before the operation. About ten to 14 days before the operation, patients are not allowed to take certain medications, such as aspirin, in order to minimize the risk of postoperative bleeding. Vitamin E as a dietary supplement should therefore also be avoided.

What techniques and methods are there to correct the nose?

With the help of the latest techniques, almost all unfavorable shapes of the nose can be improved today. In medicine, doctors primarily distinguish between three methods: closed technique, semi-open technique and open technique. The aim of all correction methods is to achieve a harmonious appearance of the nose and to improve possible health problems.

How do closed, semi-open and open techniques work?

With the closed technique, the incisions are only made inside the nose because the surgeon removes the cartilage and bone structures directly through the nostrils. As a result, no scars are visible after this procedure.

In the course of the half-open technique, the surgeon makes two mucosal incisions per nostril. This allows the specialist to remove and reshape the cartilage.

For more complex procedures, the open treatment technique is used so that the specialists have a better view of the inside of the nose. The doctor makes a tiny incision on the bridge of the nose between the nostrils. In this way he can lift the skin a little from the tip of the nose and start correcting the bones and cartilage. However, access can also be made on the side of the nose or behind the nostrils. In general, however, these incisions are so fine that open nose corrections hardly leave any scars.


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