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What are the Strategies for Coping with Stress?

In order to cope with stress effectively, you must first find out where the stress comes from in your life. It is important to identify exactly why you are uncomfortable in certain situations.

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What Should Be Done to Relieve Stress?

Coping with stress is the struggle to get rid of or overcome the situation that bothers us. The methods of coping with stress that most people use are the ones that hurt them more. Our thoughts on any event and the way we interpret that event determine our emotions and behaviors. Generally, individuals think that no matter how bad the situation they are in, they will not change, rather than producing a solution when they are stressed. They make things bigger than they have in their minds. This causes them to feel helpless. In desperation, people look for remedies, “How can a person get rid of stress?” If they don’t find the right therapist and get professional support, they may try the wrong way. Behaviors such as starting cigarettes, using alcohol, using drugs, over-the-counter comfort medications, and overeating can be given as examples. However, contrary to what is desired, these result in stress-increasing results. In addition, generalizations are made about others. You are more concerned with what other people think of you. You feel that the behavior of others affects your happiness. However, if we spend our energy on changing our own thoughts rather than on changing others, you will do a very useful job.

What are the Strategies for Coping with Stress?

In order to cope with stress effectively, you must first find out where the stress comes from in your life. It is important to identify exactly why you are uncomfortable in certain situations. You also need to observe the emotions you are experiencing at that moment and how you react with those emotions. Then, as an important step towards solving the problem, you need to think about what you need to do to change this situation.

All stress can be eliminated or reduced by coping methods. Let’s take a look at some ways you can use to reduce your stress level.

  • Exercising regularly makes you feel comfortable.
  • It is good to take a short or long vacation during periods of increased stress.
  • Constantly thinking about the past or the future prevents you from living and enjoying the present. Focusing on your positive aspects and achievements and reinforcing good thoughts about yourself will help you relax.
  • You should definitely get support from your family, friends and social groups.
  • Having to make important decisions increases stress. Therefore, you may have to postpone making decisions constantly. Create a list of decisions you need to make and identify the information you need. Determine how you can obtain this information.
  • Learn to say no.
  • Make an effort to reduce the uncertainties in your life. All uncertainties are situations that increase stress.
  • Do activities that will focus your attention and release your energy. It will keep you away from some stress.
  • Read books on coping with stress.
  • The values ​​we have have a great role in the decisions we make. Review your values ​​and consider the things that are important to you in your life (school, health, family, dignity, freedom, etc.).
  • Most people dream of living a trouble-free life. Because we seek perfect justice in our lives, we become unhappy at the slightest negativity. However, we must accept some facts. We must have the courage to see and change the things we can change in life. On the other hand, we must accept what we cannot change.
  • Always remember that there is better and worse than the situation you are facing. Set yourself realistic goals.
  • Behavior that protects the rights of both yourself and others.
  • Get ​​away from the environment that makes you nervous. Take deep breaths and try to relax.
  • Get ​​enough sleep. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and addictive substances.
  • Eat a balanced and regular diet to reduce stress. Take plenty of fluids. Eat mostly light foods. Do not neglect to eat fruit.
  • Plan your time and set your priorities.
  • When it becomes difficult to cope with stress, get support from your environment and an expert rather than burden yourself.


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