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What are Eyebrow Lift Methods? – 2022

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What are Eyebrow Lift Methods?

The most preferred among these is eyebrow lifting surgery. Although it is a surgical intervention, it can be said that surgery is preferred more often because the results are permanent.

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Eyebrow Lift

With the advancing age, some changes occur in the face area. Loss of elasticity of the skin leads to wrinkles and sagging. The first signs of aging appear on the forehead and eyebrows.

A slight sagging is observed in the eyebrows and upper eyelid. The eyelids begin to gather on the eyes over time, and this appearance also affects the facial expression. Sagging eyebrows can cause facial expression to look nervous, tired, sleepy or tense.

Today, it is possible to raise eyebrows with a very simple intervention. This intervention also makes the person look younger. There are many different methods that can be applied for both women and men.

The most preferred among these is eyebrow lifting surgery. Although it is a surgical intervention, it can be said that surgery is preferred more often because the results are permanent.

What are Eyebrow Lift Methods?

There are many eyebrow lifting methods that can be applied very successfully. These methods can be examined in two different groups as surgical and non-surgical.

Surgical methods; eyebrow suspension and classical eyebrow lifting surgery.

Non-surgical methods; Botox and ultherapy.

What is Brow Lift with Botox?

As it is known, botox process is used in many different aesthetic interventions today. It is also one of the preferred methods for lifting the eyebrows upwards. However, beforehand, the eyebrow design that is suitable for the face shape of the person should be made. Afterwards, the operation is performed without disturbing the natural movement of the eyebrow.

Since there is no surgery, it is completed within minutes and it is possible for the person to return to his daily life immediately. The duration of permanence is not the same for every individual. We can say that this period usually varies between 4 months and 6 months.

What is Eyebrow Lift with Ultherapy?

The method called Ultherapy ‌HIFU ‌(High-Intensity ‌Focused ‌Ultrasound) aims to renew the skin with high-intensity focused ultrasound energy. Although this method is a newer technique compared to the others, it is completed in only 10 minutes and the operation is performed without a trace. We can say that it is one of the most preferred techniques among non-surgical eyebrow lifting methods recently. The effect can be noticed immediately after the procedure, but it is possible to see the effect 100% after 3 months.

What is the Eyebrow Strap Method?

This procedure can be performed very easily under local anesthesia. It is completed in minutes and allows the eyebrows to be moved to the desired position. It should be noted that the duration of the effect is not the same in every individual.

It can last for 6 months as well as 3 years. With the suspension eyebrow lifting method, the eyebrows can be positioned higher. At the same time, it should be emphasized that it is a method that can be repeated when the effect period ends.

What is Brow Lift Surgery?

Surgical brow lift is performed in order to raise eyebrows that are in a low position. This procedure, which is preferred especially because it offers a permanent result, also allows you to look younger. The visibility of the surgical scar is also extremely low due to the incision made from the line where the scalp begins or through the scalp. We can state that the healing process takes a short time after this operation, which can be performed together with temple stretching surgery.


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