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Tummy Tuck: Specifics of abdominoplasty – 2022

Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck: Specifics of abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries. After all, every woman dreams of a slender figure, flat stomach and aspen waist.

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Abdominoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries. After all, every woman dreams of a slender figure, flat stomach and aspen waist. But, unfortunately, diet and exercise do not always give the desired effect. In addition, pregnancy, genetic factors or heavy weight loss can significantly affect the appearance of your abdomen. What can be done to make your belly beautiful? There is a solution and it is simple – abdominal plastic surgery (after childbirth, cesarean section, or due to other factors). With significant weight loss, there is stretching and lowering not only the abdomen but also the chest. Therefore, in our clinic, simultaneous operations are practiced – for example, abdominal plastic surgery plus breast lift.

Regarding the cost of the operation, the answer to the question “abdominoplasty price” you can get at this link.

The purpose of the operation is to correct the deformation of the anterior abdominal wall. Such deformities include excess skin after pregnancy, sagging skin, stretch marks and sagging. Plastic surgery is aimed not only at removing excess skin on the abdomen (tightening the skin of the abdomen), but also to restore the muscular corset.

Abdominoplasty is performed on both women and men. In males, the abdomen often descends below the groin, due to overeating and excessive beer consumption. This procedure is able to cope with this skin and fat deformation of the anterior abdominal wall. However, it should be borne in mind that the large size of the abdomen in men is due to the so-called visceral obesity, in which the bulk of fat is inside the abdomen, not outside.

Specifics of abdominoplasty

To date, there are various methods of surgery. There are also technologies that leave minimal scarring – miniabdominoplasty or endoscopic abdominal abdominoplasty. Thanks to the high quality materials and professionalism of the surgeon, the suture looks almost invisible. After a while, the scars lighten and are almost indistinguishable from the skin. Usually the incision comes to the area that is hidden under underwear.

Abdominal plastic surgery, such as abdominoplasty (after childbirth, cesarean section) is often combined with liposuction. In some cases, procedures such as liposuction of the waist, hips, chest, pubis or other problem areas are also recommended.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and lasts about 2-4 hours. It all depends on the amount of fat removed and excess skin. The mini-operation can take about 2 hours. Before the procedure, the patient is marked to determine the lines of the incision.

A patient who has undergone this plastic surgery spends a few days in the hospital. During this period, the presence of painful sensations is possible, which can be suppressed by painkillers. The next 2 weeks it is necessary to carry out regular dressings in the clinic. The final result is usually visible in 3-6 months.

Complications and contraindications

Tightening of the abdomen after childbirth, pregnancy, or due to other life situations, there are almost no complications. All you need to do is follow all the doctor’s recommendations. The abdomen may lose its former sensitivity, but after a while all sensations are restored. It is impossible to carry out this operation at the general contraindications of surgical intervention.


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