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Tummy Tuck: Possible complications/risks – 2022

tummy tuck

Tummy Tuck: Possible complications/risks

Please take the medical instructions for prevention and aftercare of a tummy tuck very seriously.

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Mini tummy tuck / lower tummy tuck

A complete tummy tuck with navel relocation and abdominal muscle tightening is not always necessary. In some cases, the so-called lower tummy tuck (also called mini tummy tuck, partial tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck) leads to the desired aesthetic goal.

In this case, the abdominal wall is tightened only from the incision in the lower abdominal area to the navel. The navel does not have to be moved. A tightening of the lower abdomen can often be performed without general anesthesia.

Before the operation

Before each treatment in our house, there is a detailed consultation with one of our plastic surgery specialists. In a comprehensive conversation followed by an examination, he will inform you about the tummy tuck and talk to you about your aesthetic wishes and goals. Only highly trained doctors work in our clinic, who have a lot of experience and sensitivity. They pay attention to your wishes and can advise you competently both professionally and personally.

If you decide to have a tummy tuck, you should carefully plan the time right after your tummy tuck in advance. You will need help for the first few days after surgery, will be off work for at least a week, and should not lift anything heavy for two weeks. In order to support the optimal healing process, you should avoid alcohol, smoking and taking blood-thinning medication in the weeks before your tummy tuck.

Course of treatment

A tummy tuck is one of the more extensive cosmetic surgeries. The duration of the operation is between two and five hours. As a rule, the abdominoplasty is performed under general anesthesia, for smaller procedures, treatment under local anesthesia is also possible.

The exact course of the operation always depends on the individual initial situation and the extent of the operation. Depending on the previous planning, the procedure can also be combined with liposuction or abdominal muscle tightening.

After the tummy tuck has been performed, drains are placed so that wound secretion and blood can drain optimally, and the incisions are sewn up again. A bandage is applied at the end. After the procedure, the patient stays in most cases for one to two days in our clinic for observation and follow-up care. The drains are removed one to two days after the operation. A first check-up appointment takes place on the day after the procedure, the further follow-up appointments take place individually in consultation with the patient. The stitches are removed after about two to three weeks.

You can get a first impression of the treatment result immediately after the operation. However, the final result can only be seen when all the swelling caused by the operation has subsided. This is the case after about half a year. Then the scars begin to fade.


Allow yourself one to two weeks of rest and recovery time after the procedure. Your treating surgeon will inform you exactly what you should consider after the procedure.

The first few days after your tummy tuck you should walk in a slightly bent position to relieve the fresh sutures. To avoid blood clots, you will receive thrombosis prophylaxis in the form of injections and special stockings. After the bandage is removed, you should wear a special bodice for six to eight weeks to prevent swelling and help the wound heal.

Depending on how much has been lifted, you may not or should not be able to walk fully upright for two to three weeks. Avoid lifting heavy or stretching. It also makes sense that you sleep on your back for the first time, preferably with your legs slightly bent.

But you don’t have to stay at home all the time. Walks help, for example, to stimulate the circulation again. In order not to jeopardize the healing process, you should refrain from sporting activities and visits to the sauna in the first few weeks. In the first six months after the procedure, you should also not expose the treated area to UV radiation.

Possible complications/risks

Complications can occur with every operation, and despite the most careful preparation, this can never be completely ruled out.

Swelling, bruising and slight pain may occur as a result of the procedure. However, these will subside again in the following weeks. Temporary numbness in the wound area can also occur. Until the healing period is complete, you may have difficulty getting out of bed or sitting up, and coughing or sneezing may also be uncomfortable. Very rarely, wound healing disorders, thrombosis or unsightly scarring can occur.

Please take the medical instructions for prevention and aftercare of a tummy tuck very seriously. Smoking in particular should definitely be given up in the weeks before the operation and until the end of the healing phase. This minimizes the risk of wound healing disorders. A detailed explanation of the possible complications takes place during the consultation.


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