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Tummy Tuck: After abdominal surgery – 2022

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Tummy Tuck: After abdominal surgery

The patient is hospitalized after abdominal surgery on the day of the operation. Tummy Tuck

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Tummy Tuck: After abdominal surgery

The patient is hospitalized after abdominal surgery on the day of the operation. After general anesthetic inhalation, the patient may feel nausea and vomiting. He can also have a sore throat, a dry mouth and a headache.

After surgery, you will be taken to a recovery room. You may feel drowsy, but you should be able to talk and respond to others. You will have some pain after your procedure. Your doctor will give you medicine to help with this pain.

You may have tubes coming out of your incision and attached to a drainage bag. These tubes are put in place during surgery to drain any extra body fluid or blood from your incision. You will have an intravenous (IV) tube in one arm or hand that gives you fluids and medicines through a small plastic tube called an IV catheter.

You may have a tube in your bladder that collects urine, called a foley catheter. The foley catheter is removed when your doctor feels it is safe for you to get out of bed and use the bathroom on your own.

The hospital staff will also monitor how well your heart, lungs, and kidneys are working. They will watch for any side effects from the anesthesia or surgery. They may also monitor the amount of pain you are experiencing. This can help them decide whether the medicine is working well enough for you.

Abdominal surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. Usually, there is no need for hospitalization, and the patient may leave the clinic on the same day (the operation lasts only 20-30 minutes). This method of surgical treatment is accompanied by minimal discomfort and results in quick wound healing. The operation is done by “keyhole” surgery, which means that the surgeon performs the operation through small incisions, which are not more than 1 cm long. The surgeon uses a special light source to illuminate and magnify the abdominal cavity.

After the operation, he lies on his back in a V-shape for a while. The corset is worn for at least a month. Absorbable sutures are usually placed on the skin, it is recommended to activate it in the morning of the operation, in the first days of the operation swelling occurs, which begins to recede after 3-5 days. Complete withdrawal can take several weeks to several months, the second week of surgery returns to daily life, but physical activity, sauna, solarium, sunbathing is prohibited for 2 months, the recovery process in patients who smoke can be significantly delayed. Showering can be done after 1 week.

In the first week after surgery, patients are encouraged to lie in a V-shaped position. The abdominal belt should be worn for at least one month. If a drain was placed under the skin, it is recommended to activate it on the morning of surgery and close it in the evening. In the first days after surgery, swelling may occur that begins to subside after three to five days. Complete withdrawal can take from several weeks to several months. During this period, you should avoid sunbathing and physical activity. After one week, showering can be done. During the first three to four months after surgery, the surgical scar becomes red, itchy and clearly visible. Over time, especially six months later, the color will fade and the scar will become less visible. This process can take up to two years. Sensory disturbances in the umbilical region and lumbar region may also occur after surgery but over time they resolve spontaneously.


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