Breast Cancer

Treatment and therapy for breast cancer – 2022

breast cancer

Treatment and therapy for breast cancer

There are a number of therapeutic options available for the treatment of breast cancer.

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Ulcerated breast cancer: Breast cancer that is visible from the outside

Breast cancer that is already very advanced can grow through the skin of the breast and become visible on the outside. Doctors speak of an ulcerated breast tumor. The visibility of the breast tumor can be psychologically very stressful: an ulcerated breast cancer causes pain and an unpleasant smell. In addition, the tumor cells that have broken through to the outside tend to bleed and secrete increased wound fluid.

If the patient is in good general condition, the ulcerating tumor can be operated on if necessary to relieve the symptoms. However, if an operation is not possible, the wound remains – it will no longer heal. Then permanent professional wound care and hygienic handling are necessary to avoid infections. Wound management at home is usually carried out by nurses from outpatient nursing services or specialized nurses with further training as wound experts who work closely with doctors. If possible and desired, patients or relatives can be involved in wound care. The nurse then directs self-care of the wound. If the wound can no longer be treated on an outpatient basis over time, an ulcerated breast tumor can also lead to hospitalization.

Treatment & therapy for breast cancer

There are a number of therapeutic options available for the treatment of breast cancer. Those affected decide together with the attending doctor which of the treatments is suitable in the individual case. In any case, the type of breast cancer and the breast cancer stage are also decisive. This means that the type of therapy depends on where and how far the breast cancer has grown or spread in the body. There are essentially two therapeutic approaches:

  • Curative therapy: The aim of this therapeutic approach is to cure breast cancer and prevent relapses (so-called recurrences).
  • Palliative therapy: If a cure can no longer be achieved, the palliative therapy approach takes effect with the aim of alleviating the symptoms as far as possible and maintaining the patient’s quality of life.

The so-called S3 guideline is being developed by doctors and other healthcare professionals. It aims to recommend appropriate health care based on current knowledge. Possible treatment options according to the S3 guideline “breast cancer” are

  • Breast Cancer Surgery
  • Radiation Therapy / Radiation Therapy
  • chemotherapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Antibody Therapy

Breast Cancer Treatment: The Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast cancer surgery is usually the first step in the treatment of various types of breast cancer. In some cases, the tumor is treated with drugs before surgery to shrink it.

Breast-conserving breast cancer surgery

Nowadays, the standard attempt is to operate in such a way that the breast can be preserved. The tumor is surgically removed along with a certain safety portion of the surrounding healthy tissue. However, there are breast cancers that require complete removal of the breast—called a mastectomy.

Breast Removal / Mastectomy: Breast augmentation or external breast prosthesis

Surgical removal of the breast is necessary, for example, in the case of inflammatory breast cancer or if the tumor cannot otherwise be completely removed.(6)

After the breast removal, the question of surgical breast reconstruction or external breast prosthesis may arise:

Surgical breast reconstruction: It is possible to surgically reconstruct the breast using implants or autologous tissue. This can be done during breast cancer surgery or later in another surgery.

External breast prosthesis: Alternatively, there is the option of wearing an external breast prosthesis. This ensures that the women affected often feel more comfortable because the missing breast is not visible to strangers at first glance. The prosthesis can also contribute to an even posture and reduce back and neck tension. The breast prosthesis is worn with a special bra and, to this extent, is also part of the list of medical aids provided by statutory health insurance companies. With a prescription from the doctor, the costs for the following aids can be covered in part or in full, depending on the subsidy from the health insurance company:

  • breast prostheses
  • special bras for external breast prostheses
  • Special swimsuit for external breast prostheses

Those affected can purchase these aids, for example, in the medical supply store.


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