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Things that affect hair loss – 2022

hair loss

Things that affect hair loss

Telogen effluvium also generates diffuse alopecia, which would be a temporary stoppage in the normal hair cycle. So, during that time, the hair does not regenerate as usual, appearing less populated areas.

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Telogen effluvium also generates diffuse alopecia, which would be a temporary stoppage in the normal hair cycle. So, during that time, the hair does not regenerate as usual, appearing less populated areas.

  • The reasons are usually major stress, a serious and long-standing infection, or having undergone major surgery.


An unbalanced diet or an inadequate diet, such as those that make many poorly planned diets fashionable, in addition to being very harmful to health, can cause hair loss.

  • Most of the time, it is due to the deficit that they cause in certain vitamins and minerals, especially iron.


Significant hair loss occurs if this disease affects the connective tissue that surrounds the hair bulb (it could occur with lupus erythematosus, for example).


These skin problems can also affect the scalp, in addition to manifesting themselves on the skin.

  • Usually, reddish areas with scaling appear. As these plates detach, they take the hair with them.
  • Another obvious sign would be intense itching on the head.

The good news is that with proper treatment it will improve, because the fall is only due to entrapment of the hair shaft, not to an affectation of the follicle.


If syphilis is not treated in its initial phase, scattered patches of alopecia may appear on the scalp, giving it a “moth-eaten” appearance.

  • Sometimes it can appear as a more diffuse alopecia throughout the scalp or even affecting eyebrows, armpit hair and pubis. If treated, in about three months the problem is resolved.

HIV also causes alterations in hair growth that manifests itself with a diffuse and progressive fall.


Although most medications do not have a toxic effect on the hair matrix, many of them can alter its life cycle and promote hair loss.

  • It occurs with certain antihypertensives, with vitamin A derivatives, some antidepressants and those that include lithium salts.
  • Hair usually grows back months after treatment ends.

In any case, it is important that you do not leave it on your own and, if you have any questions or concerns, consult your doctor.

  • For example, minoxidil pills or lotions (commonly used to treat alopecia) can cause more hair to fall out if treatment is stopped abruptly.


  • If the alopecia is genetic and is incipient, use cosmetic lotions with active ingredients that slow down hormones (sabal, hops, pumpkin, zinc).
  • If it is advanced, you can apply a 2% minoxidil lotion. It is a local vasodilator sold in pharmacies that prolongs the hair growth phase. Use it daily for 3 months to observe the first results and one year to achieve maximum effectiveness.
  • Extra help: If, in addition to the topical treatment, you take a nutritional supplement that has the same active ingredients as the lotions, the results will improve. They take 3 months and then stop for the next 3 months. Check with your doctor.
  • When the loss is caused by stress, medications or the lack of certain nutrients, the first thing is to suppress the causative factor. Anti-loss lotions and nutricosmetics with sulfur amino acids, vitamins and minerals can help you.
  • If your hair falls out with the change of season or after childbirth, the hair recovers on its own and does not need treatment. But if you see that it lasts for months or you notice that the capillary density has decreased, visit a dermatologist.


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