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The secondary face lift – 2022

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The secondary face lift

Unfortunately, even after face lifts and surgical rejuvenation, human skin and tissues continue to age.

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Face lifting: Post-operative

The modern cosmetic surgery techniques implemented at Pallaoro Medical Laser make the post-operative path less demanding. It is normal for some swelling of the eyelids and other areas of the face to occur after a face lift. Post-operative edema with our face lift is markedly less and even after a few days it will be almost totally reabsorbed.

Once the facelift surgery is completed, a dressing is usually applied and replaced by an elastic bandage before the patient returns home. The discomfort that the post-operative involves can be easily sedated with painkillers and the indications that the surgeon provides at the time of discharge.

Heavier and more strenuous activities should be avoided until the swelling has completely disappeared, so for a time ranging from two to four weeks it is good to leave out stresses. During this period, however, it is possible to gradually resume work and normal lighter activities.

It is normal for the skin to appear dry and rough for the first few periods, and then normalize over time.

Complementary interventions

Face lifting is recommended when the signs of aging are observed in the face. Obviously, if this condition has occurred, it is very likely that other areas of the face have aesthetic characteristics linked to the passage of time. There are therefore a series of surgical procedures and treatments that can make the result of the facelift more harmonious and pleasant.

Blepharoplasty: It is performed very often together with the face lift because it corrects the skin laxity of the eyelids and therefore is consistent in the rejuvenation process.

Botox: Botulinum toxin is used to treat mimic facial wrinkles. It is a treatment that integrates very well with the lifting, further optimizing the result.

Filler: The hyaluronic acid filler infiltrations are used to fill wrinkles and give volume to certain points on the face. It is almost always present in a global facial rejuvenation program.

Laser peeling: This is a laser procedure that removes the superficial layer of the skin, allowing the subsequent re-epithelialization to remove superficial wrinkles.

During the medical examination with the cosmetic surgeon, the personalized program will be determined to rejuvenate the face in an effective but natural way.

The secondary face lift

Unfortunately, even after face lifts and surgical rejuvenation, human skin and tissues continue to age. A second lifting operation is not uncommon, and is designed to reposition the sagging skin and tone the appearance of the face and muscle groups. Another reason for carrying out a secondary facelift is that the areas of the face where it was not performed the first time appear unnaturally more relaxed than the areas treated with the facelift. The second intervention therefore serves to balance and make the appearance of the skin more natural. The extent of the second facelift depends on the extent of the first and how natural the outcomes are. Many patients who have undergone a deep skin muscle lift some time before are satisfied for a long time with the results and often only need a touch-up. On the other hand, those who opt for a light or partial facelift at first, usually require a more complete intervention after a few years.

Cost of face lifting

When inquiring about the procedures and costs of the facelift it is good to keep in mind that this operation is carried out on the face, therefore an extremely delicate area, where every slightest mistake remains permanently under the eyes of all. So it is good to be really informed not only about the technique adopted by the surgeon, but precisely about the experience of the surgeon himself, perhaps asking him to see some photos of operations already carried out.

The intervention of a single portion of the face (temporal lifting, neck lifting, etc.) necessarily has a different cost than a complete lifting. But keep in mind that it may not always be cheaper to perform a mini lifting than a complete face and neck lifting. In fact, it is worth considering the fact that over the years we will probably find ourselves faced with the need for a re-operation to give a harmonious balance to the facial features on which we have not previously intervened and the sum of individual mini-interventions is a great deal. greater than a profound intervention carried out by combining several techniques in a single session. Furthermore, in this way there is also a certain saving of time, since there will be a single period of recovery and post-operative discomfort.

Smoking and facial cosmetic surgery

Smoking reduces the normal blood supply to the skin of the face, so it is best to stop smoking at least one month before undergoing cosmetic surgery. Eliminating smoking helps the healing process: it is good to know that, among chronic smokers who do not quit for surgery, there is one in ten cases of skin necrosis near the incisions.


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