The most common dental treatments – 2022


The most common dental treatments

Among all types of dental treatments, dental cleanings are a classic. Its frequency is usually annual.

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Extractions are one of the most common types of dental treatment. Sometimes the teeth present an irrecoverable degree of injury. At that time, the best thing to do is to proceed with its extraction, to avoid possible infections.

Extractions can be more or less complicated, depending on the degree of deterioration of the teeth to be extracted.

For example, wisdom teeth, also known as wisdom teeth, can present extra complications due to the area of ​​the mouth in which they are located. Since this provision limits the manipulation capacity of the dentist.

Dental fillings

It is the most famous dental treatment that exists, indicated after removing dental tissue affected by caries. To do this, the most common is to use anesthesia. In this way we try to spare the patient any painful or uncomfortable sensation; caused by the manipulation with the drill and the turbine, in addition to the depth at which the dental caries is found.

Absolutely all affected tissue must be removed. And the specialist in question should make sure to leave a clean and conditioned surface to cover with resin, trying to replicate the structure of the tooth as much as possible.

Once the filling is placed and light-hardened, it will be polished so it will not damage or rub against soft tissue.

Dental cleanings

Among all types of dental treatments, dental cleanings are a classic. Its frequency is usually annual. They are much deeper than dental hygiene at home; and it is one of the best ways that currently exist to prevent diseases, both dental and soft tissue surrounding the tooth.

The dentist will proceed to remove all the bacterial plaque accumulated on the surface of the tooth and in areas of difficult access, using curettes and ultrasound.

In addition, the dentist will take the opportunity to review the general condition of the mouth. For what is contemplated within preventive dental treatments, and finally, a polishing will be applied to remove wine, coffee or even tobacco stains that our teeth may present.

It is a painless treatment in most cases, even in patients with receding gums, if topical anesthesia is applied.

However, in very specific cases, where the sensitivity is really acute and the patient requires that the area be anesthetized, it is usually planned in two sessions, to avoid total numbness of the mouth.

Common but less common dental treatments in oral health
If you have wondered why you need dental coverage in your health insurance, the answer is not only in the most common treatments that we have already seen. There are also other types of dental treatments that are less frequent but no less important. We review some of them:

Dental implants

It is one of the most demanded dental treatments.

It consists of placing a screw as a dental root, in the bone, to later place a crown or simulation of a tooth. This is internally screwed to the implant, joining both elements in a single piece that will replace the missing tooth.

It is a completely painless process; since it is performed under the use of local anesthesia, and like fillings, it should not present any type of complication.


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