Facelift Surgery

The ideal candidate for facelift – 2022


The ideal candidate for facelift

It is also good for the patient to know that the purpose of facelift is not to make him a completely different person.

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Facelift Surgery

Time is definitely the worst enemy of our appearance and that is why almost everyone from one point and then we do everything we can to stop the traces of its course from our body and especially our face. Various creams and other products can reduce the effects of time, but in fact they simply postpone the inevitable. If we want to reverse the signs of time, the solution is one: visit the plastic surgeon to suggest the problem that will solve us. But why does this happen?

Aging is something that happens to all of us and with it brings some changes in our appearance and health. Sooner or later, our skin will gradually begin to lose its elasticity and our muscles acquire a tendency to relax and “fall”. In other words, the pressures of everyday life, the effects of gravity and sun exposure are beginning to become visible on our faces.

The folds of the face and the so-called smile lines become deeper and deeper, the corners of the mouth fall while the line of our jaw and the skin of our neck become more and more loose and begin to bag. Around the eyes, the eyebrows begin to tilt and the skin of the eyelids is concentrated in loose folds.

The first sign of time on the skin is the fine wrinkles that develop around the lips, in the outer corners of the eyes and the expression lines. The rate at which this happens varies from person to person and is probably determined by our genes. The rate at which facial skin ages does not necessarily reflect the rate at which the rest of our body and mind age.

So many people feel frustrated when they look in the mirror, because the face they see does not fit the way they perceive themselves. Significant weight loss can cause changes in the appearance of the face similar to those of the aging process.

What is facelift?

You may not know exactly what facelift is, but you’ve probably heard the word, which makes perfect sense as it is the most famous and sought after cosmetic surgery in the world and one of the oldest. Lifting in English means straightening and in essence this is exactly what this operation succeeds in. In simple words, the doctor will try to “pull” the skin of the face, something that will have the effect of “stretching” and “disappearing” any wrinkles and lines that have appeared there over time. It goes without saying that the whole process is done with special incisions which are almost invisible for a very natural result.

As this is one of the most “basic” and sought after plastic surgeries, facelift has made tremendous progress. This means that now a well-trained and specialized doctor can achieve amazing results relatively easily and at low cost. In addition, there are now some special methods and machines that can achieve an invasive to a very small degree or even completely bloodless face lift.

To clarify that there are many types of facelifts, for example there is neck facelift, but here we will talk about facelift.

The ideal candidate for facelift

The ideal candidate for this cosmetic surgery is a person (man or woman) whose face and neck have begun to “hang”, however his skin still retains much of its elasticity and the structure of its bones. is strong and its form has not begun to be affected. This is obviously an operation that does not concern younger patients, so we usually talk about people over 40 or 50 years old. Most people who choose to do facelifts are usually between 40 and 60 years old. It should be noted that there is no age limit. The operation can be performed with great success even by people in their 70s or 80s, as long as they meet the qualifications mentioned above.

It is also good for the patient to know that the purpose of facelift is not to make him a completely different person. A successful facelift is considered what is not at all obvious, ie what is done so that it does not appear that the patient has had a facelift. In other words, after the operation, the patient should simply look a little younger, more alive and happier, but in no case should the result be excessive, and therefore obviously “artificial”. It is generally an operation with a “positive” character that increases the patient’s morale.


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