The Goal Of Scoliosis Treatment – 2022


The Goal Of Scoliosis Treatment

The management of patients with scoliosis is multidisciplinary. It requires the collaboration of different health professionals: general…

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The Goal Of Scoliosis Treatment

The management of patients with scoliosis is multidisciplinary. It requires the collaboration of different health professionals: general practitioner, pediatrician, orthopedic surgeon, rheumatologist, physiotherapist, orthoprosthetist…

In the case of scoliosis, the main objective of care is to limit the aggravation of the deformity of the spine (or “rachis”). If it is a child or an adolescent, it is essential that the deformation is as moderate as possible at the end of growth.

The treatment has several options:

  • simple monitoring when the scoliosis has a slight curvature, giving way to treatment in the event of worsening of the deviation,
  • putting on a corset,
  • a surgical intervention.

Orthopedic Treatment Of Scoliosis: Wearing A Corset

This is the main treatment offered for children and adolescents when scoliosis is progressive. This medical device is used to maintain the spine to reduce the risk of aggravation of pathological curves.

There are different types of corsets, used depending on the nature and extent of spinal deformities. In all cases, the device is made to measure, from a molding of the body, to be the most suitable and best tolerated possible.

Sometimes the patient has to wear a cast for one to two months before using the corset, to get better correction.

The effectiveness of the corset is directly influenced by the number of hours it is worn.

In a growing young, the corset should be worn at least 18 hours a day until the skeleton has finished growing.

In adults, the brace improves pain and the impact of scoliosis on daily life, restores balance to the spine and slows down progression.

Surgical Treatment Of Scoliosis

In case of failure oft orthopedic treatmen, surgical treatment may be indicated for significant scoliosis that continues to evolve.

The operation is performed in a specialized center to monitor the functioning of the spinal cord during the intervention by measuring spinal evoked potentials.

It consists of correcting spinal deformities using metal rods attached to the vertebrae. A bone graft is often performed.

This treatment requires a preoperative assessment and hospitalization.

This surgery can be complicated:

  • infections in the operated area,
  • spinal cord injuries. Its monitoring greatly reduced this risk. Neurological damage, when present after the operation, usually regresses and neurological sequelae (paralysis of a toe, a leg, etc.) have become very rare.

Scoliosis: What Is The Place Of Functional Rehabilitation?

The physiotherapy sessions prescribed in case of scoliosis have several objectives:

  • maintaining spine mobility;
  • maintain respiratory function;
  • strengthen the muscles;
  • work on holding the spine.
  • This care is always practiced in association with orthopedic or surgical treatment of scoliosis. Alone, they would be insufficient to act on the evolution of the curvatures of the spine.


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