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The Benefits of Fencing

Fencing is a sport that involves intense foot movements that require speed and flexibility to keep the distance with the opponent. Health

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Fencing provides strength and endurance

Fencing is a sport that involves intense foot movements that require speed and flexibility to keep the distance with the opponent. Because fencing matches involve many attacks and counterattacks, a fencer needs the highest muscular endurance to avoid getting tired before scoring a point. This requires coordination. Proper nutrition, regular sleep and good nutrition should form the basis of a fencing athlete’s life.

Fencing provides agility and agility.

While learning about the sport of fencing, in which it is of maximum importance to use reflexes correctly, it is impossible not to talk about body-mind coordination. Those who want to improve themselves in quick thinking, activating their thoughts, agility, using reflexes in the right place at the right angle and with the right strength should definitely try fencing. This is one of the benefits of the fencing problem, which also teaches how to gain reflexes in order to give correct responses in life.

Fencing provides body flexibility.

Having a good physique is not possible with an ideal weight alone. The flexibility of the body has a critical role especially in old age. One of the top fencing benefits is this flexibility. During fencing, it is also possible to gain abilities such as flexibility in the body, strength in the muscles and correct breathing, with the feet being fixed but especially the upper body moving at different angles.

Fencing reduces stress

The best way to cope with the stress caused by busy work or school life is to engage in sports or the arts. Fencing is also very effective in this regard. Since the mind does not go to different ways when focusing on the details of the sport of fencing and the concentration should be at the maximum level, it is quite easy to catch the moments when current and worldly issues are overlooked and only focus on the sport with fencing. It would be unfair not to include the fact that fencing is a good weapon against stress among the benefits of the sport, since the body releases endorphins at a high rate and relaxation occurs in the body and mind.

Health benefits of fencing

Fencing also supports heart health and mental health by increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood and releasing endorphins that lead to a positive sense of well-being. The extra oxygen released in the blood accelerates circulation, strengthens the immune system and helps the body improve its ability to remove pollutants such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid. As the breathing rate increases and deepens during fencing matches, the oxygen level in the blood rises. When the heart rate increases, the small blood vessels or capillaries expand. Fencing, which is a kind of offensive and defensive sport, also has a great impact on the development of balance.


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