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Stress affects hair loss – 2022

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Stress affects hair loss

My hair loss was intense 3-4 years ago. Which is not so pronounced now but the hair is already thin. I work very…

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This is how stress affects hair loss


Does stress affect hair loss in my case?

I am 27 years old and my hair is falling out. We have an inherited decline in family members but it happened to them in later years. My hair loss was intense 3-4 years ago. Which is not so pronounced now but the hair is already thin. I work very hard, I eat poorly and I am under a lot of stress.


Our and world analyzes show that hair loss occurs at a younger age. Most of our patients, unfortunately, are between 20 and 30 years old. The hereditary component indicates that you have a predisposition to lose hair.

But the lifestyle, the health condition, the hormonal status, the diet, the hair care determine at what moment the hair loss will be manifested. People who have a dynamic pace of life, as you mentioned, do not eat properly. stress.

Apart from the irregular rhythm of the diet, the quality of the food is usually compromised, because you mostly resort to fast food. Such foods do not have enough nutrients, such as proteins, vitamins and minerals, that are essential for hair. Stress also affects hair loss. But hair does not fall out from short-term stress. Hair loss occurs when stress affects the whole rhythm of your life, so you do not sleep well, you do not eat well, the levels of stress hormones rise. You probably have acute effluvium followed by hereditary baldness.

With trichological analysis of the hair and scalp to determine the changes in the hair, the condition of the follicles, the type of scalp can determine exactly what form of hair loss you have and how many consequences it left on the hair, as well as the opportunities for growth. Due to hereditary predisposition you must take good care of the health of your hair. Normal rhythm of life, quality diet rich in protein, B vitamins, vitamins A, D, C, minerals zinc, selenium, iron are necessary. Additionally local hair treatment with adequate tonics, supplemented with laser biostimulation is needed to improve the function of the follicles and to restore the density and quality of the hair.


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