Scoliosis: Operation – 2022


Scoliosis: Operation

When medical treatment no longer has an effect on the pain caused by scoliosis, surgery is discussed with your doctor.

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Ch. 4 – What is Scoliosis Surgery?


Scoliosis: medical treatment

It is not possible to cure adult scoliosis with medical treatment.

Indeed, osteoarthritis and aging of the spine will cause its deformation to progress. The evolution is slow and it is possible to never need surgery. Medical treatment is used to relieve the pain caused by the deformation of your spine, whether lumbar or in the legs. It combines pain medication at an appropriate level, anti-inflammatory medication in the event of an acute painful crisis, rehabilitation with a physiotherapist to maintain the flexibility and muscle strength of your back and legs.

Sometimes we can temporarily immobilize the back with a corset during periods of significant pain.

If scoliosis leads to a narrowing of the spinal canal causing pain in the lower limbs (cruralgia or sciatica), you may be offered infiltrations (injection of anti-inflammatory products directly into the spine) at the most affected levels.

If you also suffer from osteoporosis, which can aggravate the problems related to your deformity, your doctor can start an appropriate treatment.

Scoliosis: operation

When medical treatment no longer has an effect on the pain caused by scoliosis, surgery is discussed with your doctor.

The goal of surgery is to address both spinal pain, leg pain, decreased walking endurance, and possibly an imbalance to the right, left, or forward.

The surgeon, in consultation with you, will decide which surgical treatment is best suited to your situation based on your complaint, your imaging and your general condition: more or less long blockage of your spine (spinal arthrodesis), need for straightening of the vertebral column (vertebral osteotomies consisting of breaking the vertebrae more or less significantly to straighten the back), opening of the spinal canal to free the nerve roots and relieve cruralgia or sciatica; need to operate both from the front and from the back of the spine.

The heaviness and the risks of scoliosis surgery are therefore very variable depending on the surgery that will be proposed to you, which can range from a simple release of nerve roots to the permanent blocking of a large part of your back.

Postoperative X-ray of spinal arthrodesis for degenerative lumbar scoliosis with anterior and posterior time.


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