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Scar after facelift surgery – 2022

facelift surgery

Scar after facelift surgery

The most important thing that people want from facelift surgery is that the traces left behind are not visible.

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5 Things you MUST do to prepare for your Facelift Surgery! 2022


Scar after facelift surgery

Another question that comes to mind about face lifting surgeries is whether it has any side effects. The answer to this question is also negative. The operation is performed with general anesthesia and there are no side effects of surgery during this process.

The person who has had a face lift operation can live his/her daily life within 2 days at the latest, while he/she will be able to go back to his/her social life in 7-10 days at the latest. No one can understand that he/she has had a surgical operation unless he discloses it himself/herself.

The most important factor in the success of a facelift operation is the selection of the expert surgeon and the adapted technique to your face. The surgeon has to be an expert in this field because it is not easy to get rid of facial wrinkles. When you look at your face, your skin color and structure, and you are informed about what techniques are possible for you, you can make a decision about how successful the surgery will be.

The most important thing that people want from facelift surgery is that the traces left behind are not visible. After these operations performed, scars may remain close to the skin color. However, since these traces are behind the ear and in the scalp, they cannot be seen unless they are looked after very carefully. For this reason, there is no trace that will spoil the aesthetic image.

It is an operation that is done for those who want to look younger and have a much more beautiful appearance. The sagging on the face, which appears in a short time, is an operation that eliminates the problems in the skin structure. After the facelift surgery, the patient can gain a much more vigorous and young appearance.

In this surgery, which is performed by many people who want to get rid of skin sagging, it is possible to eliminate skin sagging and other problems. However, these operations can be performed safely after certain conditions are met. First of all, it should not be forgotten that the operation will be applied to those over 40 years old. In addition, those who are psychologically ready for such an operation should apply for facelift surgery.

After this operation, which can be applied very easily in terms of health status and age, there may be some scars left behind. These traces will not be visible unless you look very carefully. For this reason, it should not be forgotten that these scars do not affect the aesthetic image negatively at all.

With age, our face starts to sag and wrinkles begin to appear. This is why many people are looking for ways to stay young or at least look younger than their age. However, the best way to eliminate these problems is to go through a facelift surgery.

In this article, we will show you the facelift surgery process in detail.

If you have decided to undergo facelift surgery, you should be prepared for this process both physically and mentally. It is also essential that you choose an experienced surgeon who will listen to your wishes and do his best to fulfill them.


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