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Scaly eczema can be the cause of hair loss – 2022

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Scaly eczema can be the cause of hair loss

If you are sure or suspect dandruff eczema to be to blame for your hair loss, then we recommend that you seek medical attention immediately.

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Hair loss – causes and treatment

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer as to why one loses hair. It may be one or more things that are the cause of your hair loss. In the vast majority of cases, the genes that one has inherited from one’s parents are the determining factor in whether one loses hair later in life.

This is described as quite common hair loss (androgenic alopecia), which affects many, but especially men. Although it is common, it can be quite horrible for the person who is struggling with it. In today’s Denmark, fortunately you have some options if you have to suffer with hair loss.

It is important to first find out why you are losing your hair. Therefore, in this post, we will first look at what can cause hair loss. It is easiest to treat the problem of hair loss if one knows what it was rinsing.

This is a comprehensive article on hair loss, use if necessary. the overview to navigate around the page, and find answers to specific questions.

Hereditary hair loss

As said, this is the most common cause of hair loss and it is actually called “male hair loss” and in the medical world it is called androgenic alopecia. Male hair loss, however, can still affect women, but rarely ends in total baldness in women.

When you lose hair due to your genes, it is because you have inherited hypersensitivity to the male sex hormone in various places on the scalp. The sex hormone is found in the blood of everyone, so it is solely the developed hypersensitivity that is to blame for the fetching hair.

One typically begins to be able to see the characteristics of male hair loss, at the age of 20-30. A rule of thumb for how bad hair loss will be in the future is the age at which hair loss begins. The earlier it starts, the worse you can usually expect it to be.

Scaly eczema can be the cause of hair loss

Scaly eczema is a whimsical disorder as it varies greatly in each case. Some have dandruff without knowing it, while others are affected so badly that it is difficult to live with. If you have scalp eczema, which has even started to kill the hair follicles, you have most likely already been diagnosed.

In rare cases, dandruff can strike suddenly if, for example, you are affected by HIV, which inhibits the immune system.

If you are sure or suspect dandruff eczema to be to blame for your hair loss, then we recommend that you seek medical attention immediately. You can easily treat and alleviate dandruff yourself if you are affected to a milder degree. However, in extreme cases, a doctor or specialist should be involved.

Unhealthy lifestyle can be the cause of hair loss

Some lifestyles can provoke hair loss to both a small and large degree. It is especially one’s dietary habits one should look at if one is starting to get thin hair. This applies to both men and women, and is an important factor for you who want to avoid hair loss.

Diet and hair loss

Everyone knows that large amounts of junk food should not be included in an optimal diet plan, but it is still something we can all find good to eat every now and then. Of course, one does not lose hair by eating junk food in moderate amounts, but when junk food, soda, candy and chips dominate in one’s diet plan, one must be careful.

Poor eating habits do not provide us with the necessary minerals and vitamins that our hair, skin and nails need. If you are deficient in these vitamins and minerals long enough, the hair cells die in the long run. If hair loss is in your genes, and you are on the way up in age, then you should try to eat varied.

Weight loss and hair loss

Many people who go through an intense training course with a view to weight loss will in many cases also experience problems with their hair. Both men and women who make use of extreme diets to achieve rapid weight loss are at risk of not having their basic needs for vitamins and minerals met.

Therefore, it is important to keep track of the essential supplements when you are not covered by the diet that your diet plan allows. In general, one should avoid lightning diets and starvation, although it gives fast results.

In addition to the risk of vitamin deficiency, it is very stressful for the body to implement these extreme weight loss. You can read more about stress and hair loss further down the page.


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