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Risks of eyebrow lifting – 2022

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Risks of eyebrow lifting

Complications and side effects after eyebrow lift are relatively rare. Where they do occur, they usually have a relatively simple nature.

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Brow lift complications


Risks of eyebrow lifting

Complications and side effects after eyebrow lift are relatively rare. Where they do occur, they usually have a relatively simple nature.

  • Some hair loss may occur along the scars. There is a risk of complications in all other operations. Brow lift is no exception.
  • The biggest risk of forehead lift surgery is that you are not completely satisfied with the result. This is a cosmetic risk, often related to expectations before surgery.
  • Medical risks can be divided into general surgical risks and more intervention-specific risks.
  • You can read more about the general risks on the risks in plastic surgery page.
  • The risks mostly associated with forehead lift/eyebrow lift are described in more detail later on this page.
mood changes

Disturbance of sensation along or just behind the edges of the scar is a common complication.

  • While lifting the forehead with the open method, a permanent loss of sensation should be expected due to the incisions.
  • Loss of sensation with endoscopic brow lift is usually temporary.
Tightening of the forehead

When lifting the forehead, stretch the skin on the forehead and raise the eyebrows. For this reason, you often experience a feeling of tightness in the forehead after the operation.

  • Some patients have difficulty closing their upper eyelids in the first period.
  • This usually goes away after the first few days, but in some cases it can last longer.
hair loss

Because you cut the hair, the function of the hair follicles is affected.

  • Some hair loss may occur along the scars.
  • Any hair loss is normally temporary but may remain permanent in some cases.
  • In cases where there is permanent hair loss, it is usually because the incisions are closed too tight.
nervous effect

Under the facial skin is a large nerve called the facial. Facialis controls the movements of the face.

  • There is a risk of affecting the facial nerve during forehead lift.
  • If the facialis is affected, it can lead to a limitation of the ability to frown.
  • This complication is very unusual and almost always temporary.
severe scarring

When you cut the skin, you get a wound. The body heals wounds by forming scar tissue.

  • In some cases, the body overreacts to a wound. Then the skin may heal with an unnaturally strong scar.
  • If you heal with severe scarring after a brow lift, you may get a large or raised scar where the incisions were made.
  • If you get severe scarring, this may need to be corrected with a scar. In this case, the operation means removing and reclosing the scar.
Infection and bleeding

When cutting the skin and blood vessels, there is a risk of bleeding more than planned or bacteria entering the wound.

  • Infections and bleeding are very rare after forehead lift surgery, but they can occur.
  • Infection usually manifests itself with swelling, pain or fever that occurs within the first 3-6 days. When this happens, regular antibiotics are used.

As with all other plastic surgery procedures, you can minimize the risk of complications that may occur as a result of forehead lift surgery by carefully following the instructions given to you by your plastic surgeon before and after the procedure.


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