Rhinoplasty: Who is suitable for a nose correction? – 2022


Rhinoplasty: Who is suitable for a nose correction?

Anyone who is bothered by a deviant nose shape can benefit from a nose correction. Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty – Everything You Need to Know


What is a nose correction?

Rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty is a delicate operation, but in experienced hands it is an operation without significant risk. In principle, a distinction is made between correction of the inner nose, typically due to difficulty breathing or skew of the nose, and correction of the outer nose, where the shape of the nose is moderated. Outer nose correction can be performed in many different ways depending on the shape of the nose and the desired correction. If you just want to remove a “bump” on the back of the nose, it can be done without outer scars via incisions on the inside of the nose.

If the tip needs to be changed, or if the bridge of the nose needs to be raised, a small, discreet scar on the skin on the underside of the nasal septum in the midline must also be expected. Via this access you can make the nose narrower or higher, lengthen the nose, and make the tip of the nose finer or lower or lift it. The size of the nostrils can also be reduced, but this requires an incision in the fold of the nostrils on the transition to the cheek.

Is there only a need for small shape corrections, incl. correction of small biases, they can be advantageously managed with fat transplantation or rags.

Who is suitable for a nose correction?

Anyone who is bothered by a deviant nose shape can benefit from a nose correction. The most important thing to keep in mind is that in the vast majority of cases, it gives the most satisfactory result if you just moderate the shape of the nose without completely changing the character of the nose. It is rarely advisable and requires very careful consideration if one wants to make the shape and appearance of the nose fundamentally different, as it can incredibly change the overall appearance of a face.

Is It Dangerous To Get A Nasal Correction?

As long as you do not set too ambitious goals and do not forget to prioritize the function of the nose as an air passage, a nose correction is a peaceful operation without significant risk. The common surgical complications such as bleeding occur but resolve on their own. Inflammation occurs extremely rarely and can be managed with antibiotic treatment. An exception, however, is if implants are used, as it increases the risk of infection.

Does it hurt to have a nose job done?

The operation is most often performed under general anesthesia, but minor corrections of the tip of the nose alone can advantageously be performed under local anesthesia. The pain after surgery is often less than expected by the patients and is usually managed with regular painkillers.

How is the operation performed?

The only scar in the skin is located across the narrow piece of skin between the nostrils, the rest of the scars are inside the nose, unless you also want the nostrils reduced. The scar is thus invisible in practice unless you put your head behind it. What is done in a nose operation is very different, as the choice of method depends on what the problem is. In any case, the nose is remodeled, typically by chiseling off excess bone and cartilage on the bridge of the nose, but also often by building up, for example, the tip of the nose by cutting and modeling the cartilage skeleton. At the end of the operation, the nostrils may. be lined with Vaseline gauze for 3 days, and the bridge of the nose is most often protected with a small plaster cast for a week. External threads are removed after 5 days.

What does one look like afterwards?

Immediately, the nose and surroundings are swollen and discolored. But after a few days you will be able to see the result and enjoy a more aesthetic nose shape, although the final result can only be judged several months later, when the swelling has completely disappeared. It is especially the tip of the nose that takes a long time to lift.

A correctly performed and suitably moderate correction of a nose with an obvious need for correction will always be to the great satisfaction of the patient, especially when one considers how visible a nose is in the face. The result is lasting since the correction always consists in changing the fixed skeleton of the nose.


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