Rhinoplasty: When is it possible to see the final result? – 2022


Rhinoplasty: When is it possible to see the final result?

Within 15 days, most patients have a satisfactory appearance, although the nose is still swollen. But the result of rhinoplasty is only evaluated after the first year.

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During rhinoplasty

The techniques used in plastic nose surgery vary according to the patient’s needs. In a primary rhinoplasty, the incisions can be intercartilaginous, transcartilaginous, marginal or transcolumnar. It is up to the doctor to evaluate the options and recommend the most appropriate one.

In general, plastic nose surgery is done in 6 stages. Are they:

  • Anesthesia, which can be local, with the patient partially conscious, or general, with the individual unconscious and connected to a mechanical respirator;
  • Incision, made inside the nose, in the case of closed rhinoplasty, or in the columella, in the case of open rhinoplasty;
  • Remodeling, either for reduction or for enlargement (in this case, with grafted cartilage, removed from other areas of the body);
  • Functional correction, such as deviated septum alignment, to improve breathing;
  • Closure of the incision;
  • Placement of the bandage, to give support to the nose in the first days.

After rhinoplasty

A few hours after the surgery it is possible to get up and take a few steps, with help. The nose will be with a splint and some bandages, due to a little bleeding.

In the immediate postoperative period, it is normal to have swellings and purplish spots in the area of ​​the nose and eyelids. A slight difficulty in breathing may also be felt.

How are the scars?

Closed rhinoplasty leaves no visible scars. Many noses allow this type of intervention, the cut of which is hidden inside the nasal cavity.

When rhinoplasty is opened, a small scar is created (usually on the nasal wings or columella). This access route is indicated when there is marked bulbosity or projection, congenital deformities, tip asymmetries, important changes in the nasal dorsum, among other situations.

In the vast majority of patients who undergo open rhinoplasty, the scar becomes almost imperceptible. Some, however, may be prone to unsightly scarring.

What are the postoperative recommendations?

Postoperative guidelines are diverse. You should take the prescribed medication and apply cold compresses on your nose and eyes. You can also do some manual lymphatic drainage sessions. In addition to easing the edema, the technique relieves pain and helps in the blood microcirculation of the operated region.

It is important to avoid direct exposure to the sun for at least 3 months. Also avoid taking wind and cold. And don’t wear glasses until the doctor allows it.

The external plug (dressing) must be changed whenever necessary. However, be careful not to tamper with the internal immobilizer (if any).

You also need to attend follow-up appointments, the frequency of which varies from case to case. They are where the doctor assesses healing, removes the bandages (on average, after 10 days) and, if necessary, teaches how to use the adhesive bandages (generally, for another week).

When is it possible to see the final result?

The recovery process is slow and gradual. Within 15 days, most patients have a satisfactory appearance, although the nose is still swollen. But the result of rhinoplasty is only evaluated after the first year.

Postoperative care counts points in favor of a satisfactory result. Therefore, do not make physical efforts that compromise the healing of the incisions.

In some cases, rhinoplasty may need some touch-up. In these cases, secondary rhinoplasty is indicated, considered minor corrective surgeries.

Now that you have this information, the decision about whether or not to have plastic surgery on your nose becomes much more conscious. After all, as safe as it is, every procedure carries risks. It is up to each one to reflect on whether they are acceptable, bearing in mind the benefits, and look for a trusted surgeon to perform the long-awaited rhinoplasty!


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