Rhinoplasty: What to do in case of dissatisfaction with the result? – 2022


Rhinoplasty: What to do in case of dissatisfaction with the result?

Imperfections may possibly be corrected by surgical retouching (this is called secondary rhinoplasty).

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After the procedure

At the end of the operation, a splint is applied to protect and stabilize the nose. Wicks (absorbent dressings) are also placed in the nasal cavities. These devices will be kept in place for several days.

Edema, sometimes accompanied by bruising, usually occurs in the eyelids. Their importance varies from person to person. They fade and disappear on average within 8 days.

The pain is minimal and can be neutralized by an analgesic prescribed by the plastic surgeon. The main inconvenience consists of the discomfort caused by the impossibility of being able to breathe through the nose after the operation, due to the presence of the wicks.

In order to avoid any complications and to promote good healing, it is important to:

  • see your plastic surgeon regularly;
  • not to take any medicine without his consent;
  • rest, avoid any major muscular effort or sports activity;
  • avoid driving;
  • sleep with the head elevated to promote resorption of eyelid edema;
  • maintain smoking cessation to ensure better healing;
  • abstain from sun exposure for at least two months.

The duration of hospitalization rarely exceeds 24 hours. It depends on the nature of the operation, the age and the state of health of the patient. There is generally one night of hospitalization: the patient is discharged the day after the intervention. Some rhinoplasties can be performed in outpatient surgery or day hospitalization: the patient is discharged the same day of admission, a few hours after the operation.

A work stoppage of 3 days is sometimes sufficient, but a full week off is sometimes recommended. Dressings, splints and any stitches are removed within 8 days. The edema fades completely within 3 to 6 weeks.

Sport and risky leisure activities should be avoided for 3 months following the operation. It is advisable to wait for the doctor’s agreement before resuming any sporting activity.

From when do we see the result?

After removal of the splint and locks (between the 2nd and 8th day after the operation), the nose still appears swollen. Discomfort persists, due to the possible formation of crusts in the nasal cavity. The traces of the intervention gradually fade within 3 to 6 weeks.

A delay of two to three months is necessary to have a good overview of the result. However, the final result will only be obtained after six months to a year.

What to do in case of dissatisfaction with the result?

A disappointment following the operation is always possible. This may be due to:

  • a misunderstanding between the doctor and the patient regarding the expected result;
  • to unexpected tissue reactions following the operation.

Imperfections may possibly be corrected by surgical retouching (this is called secondary rhinoplasty). In most cases, it will be necessary to wait several months after the initial operation.

Which specialty?

Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery aims to repair, reconstruct or improve the appearance of the body at birth or following an accident, illness or procedure. Plastic and reconstructive surgery really began to exist with the return of soldiers from the First and Second World Wars to the front. Today, it has its place in the treatment of scars, post-cancer reconstructions (breast cancer in particular), congenital malformations. On the other hand, so-called cosmetic surgery concerns people who wish to modify their appearance without there being any real pathology. It is based on the individual appreciation of the aesthetic or unsightly character of certain parts of the body.


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