Rhinoplasty: The conversation with the specialist – 2022


Rhinoplasty: The conversation with the specialist

A prerequisite for a successful procedure is a detailed discussion about the details of the operation and possible complications. Rhinoplasty

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The nose is a central element of the human personality. It is the focus of visual attention and has a significant impact on the aesthetic effect of the face. Anyone who is dissatisfied with the shape of their nose therefore feels a high level of personal suffering and a weakening of their self-esteem. The disruption of the external shape often also leads to impairment of nasal breathing. Therefore, with every nose operation, it must be checked whether the internal structures of the nose also need to be corrected. A deterioration in nasal breathing due to the aesthetic improvement in the shape of the nose must also be avoided at all costs.

During the procedure, the nose can be straightened, reduced or enlarged. The tip of the nose and nostrils can also be corrected. The surgical techniques have improved continuously in recent years. By opening the nose with the help of an incision between the nostrils that is hardly visible later, the procedure can now be carried out much more precisely and with greater safety than in the past.

Adolescents who want a nose correction must be informed in detail about the procedure. For medical reasons, young people can also be operated on without any problems. However, they should be able to assess what lasting consequences the intervention will have on their appearance. So that the growth of the nose is not affected, the procedure should only be carried out after puberty. Surgery on minors requires parental/guardian consent.

A rhinoplasty tries to change the shape and size according to your ideas. The aim of the operation is primarily to change the nose harmoniously with the other facial operations. An inconspicuous nose shape must be created that does not show that the nose has been operated on. The individuality of the patient should not be changed if possible. At the same time, the respiratory function must be preserved.

A crucial factor in any nose job is the skin. In most cases, the nose is reduced and the skin has to be adapted to the changed structure of the nose. This is usually only possible to a limited extent with coarse-pored, thick skin, while thin skin has the disadvantage that all irregularities under the skin can not only be felt but also seen.

The conversation with the specialist

A prerequisite for a successful procedure is a detailed discussion about the details of the operation and possible complications. Take the opportunity to clarify all important questions. Write down what you want to know. If necessary, take an accompanying person with you. If you still have questions after the interview, make another appointment or call your doctor. There should be enough time to think about it between the preliminary talk and the operation.

Some plastic surgeons use a computer simulation to show the patient the desired nose shape. However, such a simulation is not an exact prognosis. The patient cannot assume that the result of the operation corresponds to the image one-to-one. Some plastic surgeons therefore prefer to discuss the procedure with the patient using retouched photos.

Before the operation, the plastic surgeon will discuss a consent form with you. This contains your personal data, an explanation of the type of treatment and the possible complications discussed. With your signature you agree to the procedure and assure that you have been informed about the risks.

If complications arise or you are dissatisfied with the result of the procedure, follow-up operations may be necessary. In the case of “medically not indicated aesthetic operations” (SGB V § 52), the statutory health insurance is obliged to make you a reasonable share of the costs of the subsequent operations in the event of fateful complications for which the doctor is not to blame. Before the first intervention, you can insure yourself against the risk of these follow-up costs. Ask your plastic surgeon about this option.

Before rhinoplasty

You should not take any painkillers containing acetylsalicylic acid (e.g. aspirin) 14 days before the operation. The blood-thinning effect not only delays blood clotting and can result in secondary bleeding – the increased bleeding makes it more difficult to assess the shape of the nose during the procedure. Reduce consumption of nicotine and alcohol to a minimum before the procedure.

If you take medication regularly or suffer from allergies (e.g. to medication, disinfectants or plasters), be sure to tell your doctor. Be sure to tell him about any known illnesses. If you are prone to bruising or persistent bleeding after minor injuries, the plastic surgeon should definitely rule out a coagulation disorder before the operation.

During the preliminary examination, the breathing function and the condition of the nasal mucous membranes are checked. If you are taking birth control pills, you should clarify with your gynaecologist whether it is necessary to prevent the risk of thrombosis through appropriate drug treatment. Chronic inflammation in the area of ​​the nose, throat and ears should be clarified and treated in good time.

Rhinoplasty is usually performed in a hospital as an inpatient. A stay of one to two nights makes sense. The patient’s recovery can thus be ideally medically monitored.

Nose corrections can be carried out under general anesthesia or in twilight sleep. It is best to discuss with your plastic surgeon which preliminary examinations are necessary and when they are to be carried out. You will also have the opportunity to discuss the anesthesia with the anesthesiologist.


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