Rhinoplasty: Return to Normal Life – 2022


Rhinoplasty: Return to Normal Life

…However, you can easily return to your school life and desk job after 1 week. Rhinoplasty

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After Aesthetic Nose Surgery

In the first 48 hours after aesthetic nose surgery, swelling and bruises on the nose and eyes, although not in every patient, will increase and then gradually decrease after the 2nd day. It is recommended to apply cold compresses as much as possible for the first 48 hours so that there is no increase in swelling and bruises or less swelling and bruising. As the recovery period varies from person to person, the formation of swelling and bruises and their recovery time vary.

For the first few days, you may feel heaviness in your face and a slight headache. This period is usually controlled with painkillers. After a week, swelling and bruises and the need for painkillers decrease considerably. Most of the patients state that they do not need a lot of painkillers during this one-week period.

On the first day after rhinoplasty, you have to stay in bed with your head elevated in the hospital, and patients are not woken up except for the need for the toilet. After the first day, patients are asked to take a lot of walking and continue their daily activities.

Aesthetic nose surgery is an operation with an extremely fast recovery time. However, it is normal to have a leaky discharge from the nostrils for a few days after the surgery. Behaviors that cause pressure increase such as blowing should be avoided before the incisions in the nostrils heal after nose surgery.

You will feel much better when the tampon in your nose comes off. When the splint placed on the nose comes off, you will see the shape of your nose and you will feel much more relaxed.

Return to Normal Life

Even if you can go out and return to your social life 7 days after aesthetic nose surgery, a change may attract attention due to the general swelling on your face. For this reason, if you have a very prominent business life, the time you need to take leave is 10 days. However, you can easily return to your school life and desk job after 1 week. However, there are some restrictions for your daily life cycle after 1 week.

For example, you should avoid activities that will increase your blood pressure, such as running, swimming, ball sports, for 2 weeks. For the first 4 weeks, you should avoid any activity that will hit your nose. During the healing process, you should keep in mind that your nasal bones are more sensitive to impacts. Impacts that would not normally cause fractures in the nasal bones may cause post-operative fractures and deformities in the nose.

Since the skin on the nose will be more sensitive to the sun after aesthetic nose surgery, you should definitely use sunscreen creams and avoid sunbathing as much as possible. You need to be more careful and gentle in the surgical area while washing your face or removing your make-up. This does not mean that we will not clean your nose.

You should definitely choose a professional center for skin care after aesthetic nose surgery. Post-operative care is very important in terms of cleaning the pores.

It is recommended that patients who wear glasses use contact lenses for 1 month after rhinoplasty. It is recommended that two months, that is, 8 weeks, pass if possible to use glasses. Continuous pressure on the nose edges of the glasses causes deformities.

The situation is different for sunglasses. After the first month after plastic surgery, sunglasses can be used, although not for a long time. It differs between patients in the process of returning to normal life. Detailed information on this subject will be shared with you after rhinoplasty.

Check-ups at the first week, first, third and 6th months after rhinoplasty are very important because it is accepted that 80% of the swelling that occurs after the surgery goes away at the end of the first month. The remaining edema is expected to be completely gone within a period of six months to one year. For this reason, massage is shown in the first month, if necessary, to relieve swelling faster or to contribute to the shape of the nose.

Apart from these checks after the surgery, you should be in constant communication with your doctor. Apart from the general rules, there will always be questions that come to your mind from time to time, knowing that your doctor is always with you during this process will give you confidence to get through the process better.


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