Rhinoplasty: Postoperative follow-up – 2022


Rhinoplasty: Postoperative follow-up

Healing, after rhinoplasty surgery, is relatively quick due to the increased natural perspiration of the head.

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Rhinoplasty: Simultaneous plastic surgery of the nose and nasal septum

Successful rhinoplasty today is based on the simultaneous plastic surgery of both the nose and the nasal septum.

The advantages of this technique are:

  • Only a specialist in rhinoplasty is the one who can detect, diagnose and correct both the aesthetic and functional problems of the nose, with a single, correct and complete surgery.
  • “The pursuit of the useful”, ie with an operation, an anesthesia and an inconvenience, one solves both problems, ie aesthetic and functional, which nine in ten cases coexist.
  • Even in the rare case where no surgery is required on the nasal septum, after the rhinoplasty the need arises to adapt the nasal septum to the new nose. This requires special surgical techniques so that the rhinoplasty does not cause post-respiratory problems.
  • The person avoids the double cost of two independent surgeries and thus the simultaneous plastic surgery of the nose and nasal septum costs the same as the simple rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty: Postoperative follow-up

Healing, after rhinoplasty surgery, is relatively quick due to the increased natural perspiration of the head. As a result, all the processes of reconnection and operation of the injured tissues are performed relatively quickly and so the body returns to its preoperative normal state very quickly.

Despite multiple surgical injuries, no postoperative pain is observed. The stay in the clinic can be from a few, up to 24 hours after the operation. These are usually healthy ambulatory surgeons, but they need special care and medical supervision.

Appropriate antibiotics are taken prophylactically to prevent infection. In 2-3 days after the rhinoplasty, the nose is released from the cap (tampon). From now on and for a month after the operation, the surgeon uses a special nasal spray to clean the nose and some regenerative ointment.

After rhinoplasty, swelling and bruising in the center of the face, which spread to the cheeks, eyelids and lips are inevitable. These increase in the first 48 hours, but then gradually disappear within a week. Then, a proper make-up can wonderfully eliminate any trace, which would betray that rhinoplasty was done.

Any discomfort is treated with a mild analgesic. In a week after the operation, the cast is removed, and the surgical result is obvious, although the swelling has not yet completely disappeared. The sutures are removed in 10 days after the operation.

The surgeon then returns to his professional and social obligations.

Complications in rhinoplasty

Serious complications in rhinoplasty, as a rule, are not observed. Rarely, minor bleeding may occur, which usually stops on its own or is easily treated.

Injury to the tear ducts or the base of the skull is considered extremely unlikely to occur, at least by an experienced surgeon. The important thing is that the technique of rhinoplasty today is so advanced that one can recommend it to anyone who wants it with certainty, without any doubt and

reflection. It is also good to remember that in case of a failed solution, there are solutions, as long as the person concerned is careful in choosing a rhinoplasty doctor.

Cost of rhinoplasty

The cost of rhinoplasty is shaped by the cost of the clinic (preoperative examination, surgery and hospitalization), the anesthesiologist’s fee and the surgeon’s fee (surgery and postoperative follow-up).

When there is a breathing problem, where correction of the nasal septum is required for its restoration, then part of the expenses can be borne by the patient’s health insurance fund. After that, the final price of rhinoplasty becomes affordable to anyone who needs it.

Conclusion: Beautiful nose, free breathing!

With a hassle, a sedation and a cost one solves both the problems of the nose, aesthetic (beauty) and functional (breathing), regardless of how they arose. Successful rhinoplasty (plastic nose) is currently based on the simultaneous plastic surgery of both the nasal pyramid and the nasal septum and can be recommended to anyone who wishes with certainty, without doubt and reflection.


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