Rhinoplasty: How are the exams? – 2022


Rhinoplasty: How are the exams?

After the initial analysis, the doctor performs some clinical tests, inspecting the inside of the nose with an endoscope, and…

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How are the exams?

After the initial analysis, the doctor performs some clinical tests, inspecting the inside of the nose with an endoscope, and requests laboratory tests (complete blood count, coagulogram, among others, as appropriate). Thus, you can assess the patient’s condition, as well as know if there are pre-existing health problems.

He also notes the measurements of the face and takes photographs (frontal, profile and nasal base) to put in the medical record. These records are important, as they allow the patient to point out what bothers him and, to the surgeon, explain the real possibilities.

After all, there may be limiting factors. For example: when there is a very marked asymmetry between the two sides of the face, it is impossible to completely correct laterorhinia (crooked nose). All this must be explained in consultations.

How to find a good surgeon?

Even if you have referrals from acquaintances, check the surgeon’s specialization and affiliations.

Also, see what your experience is and try to hear reports from other patients. Finally, consider your sincerity: a good surgeon should talk not only about the benefits of the procedure, but also about possible complications.

Is it allowed to ask questions?

Asking is not only allowed, it is encouraged by doctors! It’s natural to feel anxiety and they know it. So don’t be ashamed and ask all your doubts. It’s even worth taking them down! Check out some of the most common questions that you can also take to your first appointment:

  • How long have you been doing this type of procedure?
  • What can I do to contribute to the result?
  • How long does the surgery take?
  • What type of anesthesia?
  • What position will I be able to sleep in for the first few days?
  • Where will the procedure be performed?
  • What is the length of stay and when will I be discharged?
  • What are the risks associated with surgery?
  • What happens if there are complications?
  • What is the ideal postoperative evolution like?
  • Can i choose the shape i want for my nose?
  • What will my nose look like 1 year from now?
  • Does plastic nose surgery leave scars?

Don’t forget to ask about recovery too. After all, it is important to prepare in advance. For example:

  • Where will I go after leaving the operating room?
  • Is there pain in the immediate postoperative period?
  • What will be the post-procedure medication?
  • What will the dressing look like and when will it be removed?
  • Will my nose bleed for the first few days?
  • How many and when will the return inquiries be?
  • When can I resume my day-to-day activities?
  • When will I be able to exercise?
  • When will i be able to sunbathe?
  • When will my nose look and/or function as intended?
  • How will my breath be?
  • How long does the result last?

How is preoperative care?

After undergoing medical evaluations by both the surgeon and an anesthesiologist, the need to take some medication may be noted. Those who make continuous use of some medication, on the other hand, may have to adjust the doses.

A few days before, it is recommended to avoid anti-inflammatories, aspirin, AAS and natural remedies, so as not to increase bleeding. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is also contraindicated, as well as cigarettes.

In the immediate preoperative period, you should fast for 8 hours for food and liquids (including water). And before going to the hospital (always with a companion), make sure you have taken all the exams and medical evaluations.


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