Rhinoplasty by injection therapy – 2022


Rhinoplasty by injection therapy

Injection therapy offers a gentle option for nose correction without surgery. Rhinoplasty

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Fast and painless –Rhinoplasty by injection therapy

Injection therapy offers a gentle option for nose correction without surgery. A fine injection needle is used to inject preparations into the skin and tissue.

The most commonly used injectables are hyaluronic acid and botulinum. In rare cases, calcium hydroxyapatite is also used. Whether a nose correction without surgery is an option for you and which treatment options are recommended must be clarified in each individual case.

Rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite

Hyaluronic acid is an endogenous substance that can be found in the skin or synovial fluid, for example. It not only protects against infections and regulates cell metabolism, but also acts as a cement for the
tissue between cells. This property makes it ideal for use in cosmetic surgery.

Hyaluronic acid is used as a filler in aesthetic operations such as gentle non-surgical nose corrections. This means that it is injected under the skin in places where more volume is desired.
The treatment with hyaluronic acid is a constructive procedure. This allows small bumps and asymmetries on the bridge of the nose, on the tip of the nose and on the bridge of the nose to be perfectly evened out.
In many cases, a visible improvement in the shape of the nose can be achieved with this minor intervention, thanks to which the face looks more harmonious and beautiful overall.

Another filler that is suitable for increasing the volume of the nose is hydroxyapatite. This preparation consists of the smallest, only microscopically visible calcium hydroxyapatite spheres, which are dissolved in a water-based gel. This filler leads to increased endogenous collagen formation in the deep layers of the skin. In contrast to other fillers, hydroxyapatite is broken down much more slowly. As a result, the result lasts longer.

Possibilities with hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite

The following corrections and profile changes of the nose can be made with the injections of hyaluronic acid and hydroxyapatite:

  • Slight bumps in the nose: By injecting hyaluron gel, the bridge of the nose above the bump can be lifted slightly. Thus, the original hump is retained, but is optically concealed. Overall, this results in a straight, evenly sloping bridge of the nose.
  • Saddle nose: The dent in the bridge of the nose that is typical of a saddle nose can be compensated for by injecting the skin with hyaluron gel. Injection therapy can also be used to compensate for a bridge of the nose that is too flat or too strongly curved.
  • Wide bridge of the nose: A bridge of the nose that is too wide can be given a new, narrower end by injecting hyaluron gel. However, this is accompanied by a slight increase in the bridge of the nose and is therefore not suitable in all cases.
  • Flat tip of the nose: A tip of the nose that is too flat or sagging can be lifted with the hyaluronic acid gel.
  • Indentations in the nose: If the alar cartilage becomes visible under the skin, the resulting indentations on the tip of the nose and bridge of the nose can be filled by injecting hyaluron gel.
  • Asymmetries of the nose: Slight asymmetries can be easily corrected by supporting the underdeveloped side with hyaluron gel, so that the overall impression is more harmonious.

Lipofilling: nose correction with autologous fat

Autologous fat can be taken from the hips or the lower abdomen and, after processing, used as a filler to shape the nose. The word lipofilling or lipostructuring is also often used for this procedure.

Rhinoplasty with botulinum

Botulinum has been used in aesthetic surgery for several decades without complications, mainly for the treatment of mimic wrinkles.
It is injected specifically into individual muscle strands, which paralyzes them and prevents them from tensing up. The unfolding effect lasts about six months.

For some time now, the effect of botulinum (Botox) has also been used for nose corrections. The targeted paralysis of individual nasal muscles causes a visible change in the shape of the nose and facial expressions.


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