Relationships between Nutritional Bioenergetics and Bioenergetic Thinking – 2022


Relationships between Nutritional Bioenergetics and Bioenergetic Thinking

Of particular note is the effect of water on our spirituality, our gratitude, and the re-effect of water on our cells. Nutrition…

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Relationships between Nutritional Bioenergetics and Bioenergetic Thinking:

All beliefs and views close to nature, truly respectful of nature and life, fundamentally prioritize a sense of respect, appreciation for everyone and everything (stress → creating balanced self-esteem), and puts a strong emphasis on thanking and giving thanks for processing and consuming any food. This raises the vibration level of the food (and the lives that provide the ingredients!) And raises it to our own vibration level! With express gratitude (either verbally or only in thought) we will continue to create an energetic “community of life”, an identified level of vibration with the food we take in, so that our cells can absorb and utilize the food they have absorbed to the maximum and well, preventing e.g. many diseases from eating habits and sources.

By consciously using cellular intelligence, we can best ensure the optimal functioning of our self-healing system, immune system, but also the effectiveness of herbs, homeopathics, Schüssler salts, Bach flower therapy, synthetic drugs, and any medical or naturopathic treatment and intervention (e.g., bioenergy testing and intervention). treatment, computer bioresonance testing and treatment). Of particular note is the effect of water on our spirituality, our gratitude, and the re-effect of water on our cells. With the ability of water to absorb, store and transmit information and vibration, we can consciously program our thoughts and the information range of our cells (→ water therapy).

A balanced diet means that in accordance with the real needs of the body, we supply all the nutrients and energy values ​​in our body in the optimal quantity, quality and composition, with which we can ensure the functioning, proliferation and well-being of our cells. By ensuring and promoting the well-being and well-being of our entire Self. Nutrients absorbed during nutrition provide one of the most important sources of energy intake, affecting the entire human energy system (bioenergy → energy intake sources, radesthesia → polarization of the human body). Man also needs to absorb essential organic molecules, ie external organic molecules, for optimal physiological functioning. Basically, however, not only is the saying true that you are what you eat, but also that you eat it and it becomes within you what you think of that food! If you think that this food will become “blood” in me, then all the nutrients from it will be used for its intended purpose and the decomposition will be adequate. In other words, the absorbed nutrients have become energetically complete for the body, and this is the basis of the real Conscious Eating and Nutrition.

The awareness of our cells about themselves, their function, their function is much greater and more complete than the knowledge of our consciousness about our cells, this is the cellular intelligence itself, which also applies to nutrient processing – metabolic processes. Through cellular intelligence, the body is already aware of what we want to deliver and what we want to do with it. herbs when we haven’t even eaten food. This is aided by our thought associations formed by sight and smell, which also trigger the functioning of the gastric juices (the first signaling system of the Pavlov reflex, the second signaling system is the idea that Pavlov called internal speech). On our Earth and in our Earth in the XXI. From a century onwards, a total increase in the level of energy vibration has begun, the positive effects of which extend to everything and everyone, providing much greater opportunities for energetic, spiritual, spiritual and bodily development (radesthesia → Earth’s spiritual communion with humanity, attitude). This developmental trend, the effect of the NEW ENERGY, is reflected not only in man’s way of thinking, but also in his energy awareness, healing, nutrition and eating habits, at the cellular and DNA level (DNA spiritual)!


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