Rejuvenate the face with a face lift – 2022


Rejuvenate the face with a face lift

The face lift (or facelift) is the most important cosmetic surgery for the correction of the signs of aging that form on the face over the years.

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Rejuvenate the face with a face lift

The face lift (or facelift) is the most important cosmetic surgery for the correction of the signs of aging that form on the face over the years. The procedure properly called rhytidectomy aims to restore the architecture of the face by eliminating skin laxity and wrinkles / folds.

The face lift treats the entire face but when specific imperfections occur only in a certain area of ​​the face, it is possible to proceed with a partial lift also known as a mini lift.

In fact, the face lift can be broken down into the following procedures:

  • neck lift to correct sagging neck
  • cheek lift to correct indefinite jaw and marked skin folds
  • temporal lifting to lift the relaxed eyebrow arch
  • brow lift to rejuvenate the forehead

Who is the face lift recommended for?

This procedure is recommended for patients who feel uncomfortable because they feel that their appearance is less youthful than they would like. However, this condition must be confirmed by one or more of the following aesthetic characteristics:

  • facial skin laxity
  • facial skin folds
  • excess skin on the face
  • undefined mandible profile
  • drooping neck
  • drooping eyebrows
  • severely marked nasolabial fold

The candidate patient has this surgery – in addition to the aesthetic indication – will have to:

  • have a good state of health: At Pallaoro Medical Laser a specific preoperative medical history is made and blood tests and electrocardiograms are performed.
  • have realistic expectations: Facelift rejuvenates the appearance effectively but certainly has limits in the result that can be obtained given the patient’s anatomical characteristics. The result obtained is very positive and satisfying for patients with realistic expectations.
  • express informed consent: The patient must receive information relating to the operation, the post-operative period and the possible risks and complications. Subsequently, the patient must express consent to the face lift in an informed and aware manner.

The face lifting technique

There are many surgical variations in facelift practice. At the time of the preliminary interview with the plastic surgeon, it is possible to ask which technique he proposes, if only cutaneous, musculo-cutaneous, composite, with threads, only for a portion of the face or the whole face.

The face lifting cosmetic surgery procedure is performed through an incision at the temples, above the hairline. Typically this incision is extended downwards, along the natural fold of the skin, in front of the ear. Making the incisions inside the skin folds helps to hide the scars that will form later. At this point the surgeon separates the tissues from the bone and proceeds with a traction according to the technique adopted.

The skin that appears to be in excess is removed and in some cases it is also possible to tone the muscle groups that have been lost. After this practice, the skin is repositioned and sutured properly. The so-called metal surgical staples can also be used in the suture.

The face lift can be performed under general or local anesthesia with intravenous sedation, in order to reduce hospitalization times and speed up the return to normal. At Pallaoro Medical Laser the anesthetic technique chosen is the local one for the least invasiveness and quick post-operative recovery.

In terms of timing, the surgical phase can vary from about half an hour up to an hour and a half. For some types of procedures, drains are required to remain in place for a few days to allow fluids to drain quickly. Both the type of operation, its extent and the type of anesthesia are planned during the preliminary visit with the surgeon.


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