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Premature hair loss – 2022

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Premature hair loss

Severe hair loss, which starts in adolescence and causes short-term intense hair loss, means premature hair loss.

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Premature hair loss

Severe hair loss, which starts in adolescence and causes short-term intense hair loss, means premature hair loss. It is found in people aged 20 years and around 20 years old. Symptoms of hair loss appear unexpectedly and dramatically. In severe cases, the hair loss can be so intense that it leads to typical male pattern baldness. 30 years old.

Causes of premature hair loss

The causes of premature hair loss are still not fully understood. However, the patient usually has a family history of hereditary hair loss. It means that there is a genetic predisposition to hair loss, regardless of maternal or paternal lineage. In addition, levels of androgen hormones, especially DHT, rise.

Dihydrotestosterone acts on genetically *more sensitive* hair follicles. This determines the gradual transformation of terminal, solid fibers into weaker and finally velvety fibers (fine and unpigmented). Research shows that the size of the dermal papilla that nourishes the hair determines the size of the hair that forms. In androgenetic alopecia, some of the dermal papilla cells die under the influence of DHT. As a result, the papilla shrinks and the hair becomes thinner.

It is particularly important that the level of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which converts testosterone to DiHydroTestosterone, is higher in people with premature hair loss. Compared to people without hair loss. Also interesting is that the level of 5-alpha reductase in the occipital region (behind the ears) is lower than in the anterior region on the lids, where hair loss typically occurs. These findings highlight the importance of 5-alpha reductase as a cause of male pattern baldness.

Mechanism of premature hair loss

In people who lose their hair early, the hair follicles gradually lose their function and reduce their activity to form thinner and weaker hair. The anagen phase (formation phase) of the hair is shortened and the number of fibers in the telogen phase (falling phase) increases. In addition, thinning of the skin is observed in the scalp, and the hair is easily plucked due to the weakness of the roots. In severe cases, in the final stages, the follicles no longer produce hair.
Hair loss usually starts in the front line of the hair and this gradually rises. At the same time, the hair on the top of the head weakens, falls out irreversibly and leads to baldness. Often times, the scalp shows signs of oiliness, which only worsens hair loss that has already begun.

Early hair loss does not show any signs of stabilization over the years, on the contrary, it gets worse. People with early signs of hair loss need to start treatment on time to prevent permanent hair loss.


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