Possible complications of rhinoplasty – 2022


Possible complications of rhinoplasty

However, in some cases, even 1-1 well-performed surgery may result in a small, hard-to-notice, unfavorable change in tissue healing. Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty complications


The course of closed rhinoplasty

Closed rhinoplasty is performed through the mucosa, through which the doctor corrects and repairs the bony and cartilaginous parts of the nose, and eliminates any nasal constriction if the patient requires it.

In some cases, this part of the surgery may be performed by an otolaryngologist if the plastic surgeon does not have the necessary expertise to do so, so you may want to inquire about this during a preliminary consultation.

The huge advantage of this technique is that in addition to the minor swelling that lasts only a few days, there will be no external signs of intervention.

The course of open rhinoplasty

You may have read in the past that open rhinoplasty is usually performed only on patients who have previously had a closed-type procedure, so it can be considered secondary surgery. Experts also recommend this type of rhinoplasty if the nasal tip asymmetry is very significant or if the nasal tip is very protruding.

It is also important to note that this operation can only be performed by highly experienced plastic surgeons with extremely good manual skills because it requires a high degree of precision.

If you need such surgery, be prepared for an incision to be made between the nostrils, allowing the nasal cartilage and tip of the nose to be reshaped perfectly. Thanks to the pruning, you will also have to deal with scars here, but fortunately this is hardly noticeable.

What should I watch for after nose surgery?

After both types of surgery, the plastic surgeon will fix your nose with plaster casts to keep it in the desired shape and you will usually have to spend the night after the plastic surgery at that clinic for control. For this reason, we recommend that you choose a clinic that you know will be comfortable to spend a night there!

By the way, the plaster is fixed with adhesive strips and a swab is placed in the nostrils, which will be removed the morning after the night spent inside, after which you can leave the clinic.

Of course, because of the tampons, you will only be able to breathe through your mouth at night, but in addition, you will not experience any pain and discomfort. You will need to wear the plaster for about 5-8 days, depending on the drastic nature of the procedure. You can also speed up the condition of your nose and heal by icing the area for 20-25 minutes every two hours using a silicone hose the week after the rhinoplasty.

In the first few days, of course, you will have to take great care of your respiratory system, it will be forbidden

  • blow your nose
  • you lean forward suddenly or many times
  • lift heavy objects.

We recommend that you relax in a semi-sitting position. Do not consume excessively hot or spicy foods or alcohol.

Sunbathing is not recommended for the first 1 month either, as much as we need to protect our noses from any force. Your doctor will not necessarily allow you to wear your glasses either, this must be done by special agreement.

Possible complications of rhinoplasty

First, it is important to note that if the surgery is performed by an experienced, professional surgeon, there is very little chance of complications and complications.

However, in some cases, even 1-1 well-performed surgery may result in a small, hard-to-notice, unfavorable change in tissue healing. These can be, for example, a slight shaft skew, a change in the position of the tip of the nose, or a small hump under the skin, but this is very rare.

Bleeding, inflammation, and small swelling can occur with any surgery, but they are relatively easy to treat, for example, your plastic surgeon may prescribe an antibiotic.

It is rarely observed (during 1-2% of surgeries) that the back of the nose or the tip of the nose becomes more numb to the touch, but this is not dangerous at all, as it automatically returns to its original state within 1-2 months.


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