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Pollen allergy: Recognize the symptoms

As long as pollen is flying the symptoms will appear. The body’s own messenger histamine is responsible for this. Health

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What Are Pollen Allergies and How Can You Manage Them?


Pollen allergy or cold?

The symptoms are often similar. But there are a few differences that reveal whether it is hay fever or a cold:

Pollen allergy

  • The secretion in the nose is liquid and clear
  • Sneezing attacks occur in paroxysms, often when moving outside
  • Lasts more than two weeks and can last for an entire pollen season
  • Improves or disappears with longer periods of rain

A cold

  • At first the secretion is liquid and clear, it changes after a few days, then the nose tends to be blocked and the secretion yellowish
  • Sneezing attacks tend to be selective, i.e. at most one or two sneezes in a row
  • Usually subsides after two weeks
  • Does not improve during prolonged periods of rain

Pollen allergy: Recognize the symptoms

The typical symptoms of pollen allergy are:

  • itchy nose with runny nose
  • severe sneezing attacks, sometimes lasting several minutes
  • itchy, red and watery eyes similar to conjunctivitis
  • swollen, dry-irritated eyelids
  • sometimes there is itching of the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat
  • Possibly impaired sleep at night, and as a result of this and the allergy itself, severe tiredness during the day
  • Feeling ill with body aches and exhaustion – similar to flu

As long as pollen is flying the symptoms will appear. The body’s own messenger histamine is responsible for this. In mild winters like this one, the pollen season can start very early. Then alder or hazel can already start flowering in January and release their pollen into the air. In addition, pollen travels hundreds of kilometers in the air, making it almost impossible to avoid it. Depending on the trigger, a distinction is made between grain, grass and tree pollen allergies.


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