Piezo Ultrasound Rhinoplasty (Diamond Rhinoplasty) – 2022


Piezo Ultrasound Rhinoplasty (Diamond Rhinoplasty)

The use of the Piezo ultrasound device was introduced in 2013 in modern rhinoplasty and is a revolutionary new method.

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Rhinoplasty is the surgery with which we manage to modify and improve the shape, dimensions and generally the external shape of the nose, making it harmonious with the rest of the facial features. A large hump, a thick or ‘fallen’ tip, a wide or crooked nose can all be corrected in the hands of an experienced and properly trained Rhinosurgeon. There are two main types of modern Rhinoplasty, closed and open. In the closed method, any incisions that allow us to reach the structures that need to be corrected are made inside the nose. On the other hand, in open Rhinoplasty, a small, invisible incision in the nostril gives us the required access. It is critical that the surgeon be comfortable in both approaches so that he can be flexible and achieve the best possible result each time. A successful Rhinoplasty, not only significantly enhances our appearance but at the same time boosts our self-confidence and improves our mental health.

However, in addition to the aesthetic restoration of the nose, it is often necessary to correct its function. In these cases, in the same operation, we perform simultaneous surgical straightening of a crooked nasal septum, shrinkage of the hypertrophic nasal passages and even removal of nasal polyps using endoscopes. In this way, breathing through the nose becomes normal, the yields of various activities increase, the annoying snoring and sleep apnea attacks are reduced or disappear while the same happens with the frequent seizures of sinusitis.

Key points for a successful Rhinoplasty are:

  • The selection of a very well trained Rhinosurgeon who will have excellent knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the nose.
  • Building an honest relationship between doctor and patient. The doctor must, after a thorough examination of the patient, list the true dimensions of the problem and explain in detail the possibilities and possible limitations of the operation in his case.
  • Realistic expectations, that is, the patient’s understanding that Rhinoplasty can significantly improve his own nose but can not offer him a nose he has seen on television or in a magazine.

Under these conditions, it is certain that Rhinoplasty will offer us a beautiful, natural nose, harmonious with the other features of our face, which at the same time will breathe properly, giving us well-being.

Piezo Ultrasound Rhinoplasty (Diamond Rhinoplasty)

The use of the Piezo ultrasound device was introduced in 2013 in modern rhinoplasty and is a revolutionary new method. The most important advantages of this technique are that it ensures greater accuracy in surgical procedures while protecting soft tissues from injury. The consequence of the above is an excellent aesthetic result in combination with a fast recovery period for the patient.

The Piezo device takes advantage of the piezoelectric effect based on which it achieves the rapid pulsed motion of special metal heads at a frequency of 25 to 29 kHZ. In this way he manages to either gradually smooth or cut the nasal bones precisely. At the same time it preserves the integrity of the soft, “noble” tissues of the nose such as cartilage, mucosa and skin which require a significantly higher vibrational frequency (above 50kHZ) to be affected.

In conclusion, modern Piezo Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty, also known as Diamond Rhinoplasty has the following advantages:

  • Greater accuracy in the manipulations performed during the surgery
  • Performing by the surgeon a real “sculpture” of the nose
  • Protection of the soft tissues of the nose
  • Better and faster recovery
  • Excellent and predictable aesthetic result


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