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Objectives of the eyebrow lift – 2022

eyebrow lift

Objectives of the eyebrow lift

The objective of an eyebrow lift is to treat the sagging of the lateral part of the eyebrow (tail of the eyebrow) which falls on the…

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Eyebrow Lift

Eyebrow lifting is an aesthetic procedure for rejuvenating the eyes which aims to raise the eyebrow to an adequate height thanks to the very discreet removal of a skin crescent at its upper limit.
The position of the eyebrows determines the freshness of the gaze, which can seem tired, heavy and “dejected”, when they are low, whether by the effect of aging or from a very young age by a constitutional defect.
Among the various procedures for raising the eyebrow such as Botox and hyaluronic acid, eyebrow lifting is particularly interesting and recommended for those who want a lasting correction.

Objectives of the eyebrow lift

The objective of an eyebrow lift is to treat the sagging of the lateral part of the eyebrow (tail of the eyebrow) which falls on the upper eyelid causing a limited distance between the eye and the eyebrow.

It restores a more balanced look. This intervention is not intended to transform or even modify the face but only to open the gaze.

Do not confuse the lowering of the eyebrow with a heavy and drooping upper eyelid (blepharochalasis) although these two elements are frequently associated.

Eyebrow aesthetics

The eyebrow has three parts which are, from the nose going outwards, the head, the body and the tail.
Like many facial features, the ideal eyebrow can be defined. Starting from the nose, its line must be upward with for women a tail slightly higher than the head and for men it can be more horizontal.
However, this aesthetic is not always there and even in the best cases it often deteriorates prematurely from the thirties due to sagging skin and muscle imbalance that gradually settles in this very fragile area. These modifications are then responsible for an alteration of the expressiveness of the gaze.

Indications for eyebrow lift

Who is the eyebrow lift for?

It is of interest to those who complain of a sad look linked to a descending eyebrow line and whose tail is lowered.

Women frequently complain of not being able to apply makeup properly because they lack the height of their eyelids to apply the various eyeshadows in order to enlarge their eyes.

What to expect from a brow lift

This intervention aims to restore a general line of ascending eyebrows, a tail of the eyebrows well positioned in height and an increased distance between the eyelashes and the eyebrows.

What the eyebrow lift does not correct

On the other hand, the eyebrow lift does not correct a significant excess skin on the upper eyelid which is sometimes associated, hence the need in these cases to simultaneously perform eyelid surgery (upper blepharoplasty)

It should also be noted that frown lines and crow’s feet will not be corrected.

Post-operative eyebrow lift

The consequences are marked by edema (swelling) of the region, which is easy to hide with glasses and which will disappear in a few days.

Although resorbable, the sutures benefit from being removed early so as not to leave any marks.

At the end of the first month there persists a slight induration of the region but the result is very appreciable.
The scar is hidden in the eyebrow..

Compliance with the instructions given by the surgeon is essential.

Post-operative consultations are included in the quote.


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