Nutrition: What does forgetfulness do? – 2022


Nutrition: What does forgetfulness do?

If your forgetfulness has started to show itself lately and you think it is due to deficiencies in your nutrition or if you want your memory to be stronger…

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Nutrition: What does forgetfulness do?

If your forgetfulness has started to show itself lately and you think it is due to deficiencies in your nutrition or if you want your memory to be stronger, you can eliminate the lack of vitamins and minerals in your body and prevent forgetfulness by including the following foods in your daily nutrition programs.

Species of fish

One of the main causes of forgetfulness is the lack of Omega 3 in our body. The solution to this common problem is fish, which is one of the foods rich in omega-3s. Especially salmon, sardines, tuna and mackerel contain plenty of omega 3, let’s say.


We said walnuts, but in fact, many nuts, especially walnuts and hazelnuts, prevent forgetfulness and strengthen memory thanks to the Omega 3 fatty acids they contain. For this reason, you should not neglect to eat nuts such as walnuts and hazelnuts, not exceeding 1 handful per day.

Dark chocolate

When dark chocolate is consumed in the right amount, it turns into one of the nutrients that are very beneficial to our body, we don’t think anyone knows this anymore. One of the beautiful effects of dark chocolate is that it can strengthen our memories. Thanks to the polyphenols in it, dark chocolate, which supports the healthy functioning of the brain, can strengthen your memory by consuming a few small squares a day if you do not have any disease or allergy.


It is very important to consume foods with strong antioxidant properties to prevent forgetfulness and strengthen memory. Because in this way, blood circulation is regulated, the body is protected against all kinds of foreign substances that may come from the outside, and the brain continues to work in a healthy way. Tomato is one of the foods with the strongest antioxidant properties thanks to the substance called lycopene in it. Therefore, to strengthen your memory, it will be useful to consume plenty of fresh and most natural tomatoes you can find.


Spinach is one of the most important nutrients that support the healthy functioning of the brain, thanks to its vitamin C, folic acid and minerals. However, let us warn you from the beginning, that instead of cooking it and consuming it as a meal, washing the leaves well and consuming it by making a salad will allow you to benefit from these effects more accurately.

Pomegranate and/or pomegranate juice

Since pomegranate and pomegranate juice are foods with strong antioxidant properties, they protect our body against free radicals, in other words, they quickly remove foreign substances that enter our body. This means that it prevents bad situations that will weaken our memory and cause forgetfulness.

Allowing the blood circulation to continue in a regular and healthy way also ensures that the brain functions in a healthy way. In short, it is possible to strengthen your memory by drinking plenty of pomegranate juice or by eating the pomegranate directly.


There is no one who does not know anymore, but it would not be possible to finish this list without mentioning him. Cinnamon is one of the miracle foods that can strengthen memory even with its smell alone. As a result of many studies, it is accepted that the smell of cinnamon positively affects the work of the brain, relaxes the mind and increases concentration. In addition, it is very important to consume as it contains many minerals. If you wish, you can take advantage of these properties by sprinkling cinnamon powder on what you eat, or brewing cinnamon sticks and preparing a delicious cinnamon tea.


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