Nutrition: Some of the best fat burning foods – 2022


Nutrition: Some of the best fat burning foods

In order to lose weight, we may need to get rid of our fat. In this article, we told you about some fat burning foods. Here are some fat burning foods. Nutrition

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Eat THIS to BURN Belly Fat! (10 BEST Fat Burning Foods)


Nutrition: Some of the best fat burning foods – 2022


The sharper the better. According to a study by the University of Washington, the capsaicin found in cayenne pepper not only warms the taste buds but also burns body fat. Antioxidant stimulates metabolism and digestion. Spicy foods also lower insulin levels, which increases fat burning.

Low fat quark

The name says it all, because you won’t get fat from a lean quark: Quark has just 70 calories per 100 grams and also provides 13 grams of protein and plenty of healthy calcium. 500 grams of low-fat quark also contains 460 milligrams of calcium—about half your daily requirement. But be careful: Calcium content decreases as the quark’s fat content increases and therefore the calorie count increases. Therefore, avoid varieties with 20 or 40 percent fat. Since its calorie content has more than doubled.

Eat at least 100 to 200 grams of low-fat quark every day, for example as fruit quark for breakfast or later in the day as a very good-tasting plant quark with carrots or potatoes. This way you can add flavor to the taste of the bland quark.


Fish and seafood contain almost no carbohydrates, so their GIs are also close to zero. What does it mean? When losing weight, you should avoid foods with a high glycemic index (over 50) because they will cause your blood sugar levels to skyrocket and then you will be on a roller coaster ride. Food cravings are inevitable. Therefore, opt for low-GI foods such as fish.

According to the “American Heart Association,” if you include fish in your diet regularly, you’re not only doing good for your body, but for your heart as well. However, unlike vegetables, you just have to eat carefully, as fish is much more fatty: 100 grams of salmon provides 202 calories, 100 grams of fennel only 19. For comparison, however, fish also contains vital, fat-soluble nutrients vitamin D, which you must eat once a week. put it on your menu.


Inside and under the crispy apple peel are more than 30 vitamins, including provitamin A, B1, B2, B6, E and C, plenty of potassium and many other minerals. It has 70 percent of the valuable nutrients—so take the paring knife away. An average-sized apple (180 grams) also provides only about 97 calories. And especially important: The dietary fiber pectin stimulates digestion and keeps you full for a long time. You can find even more healthy sources of fiber here.


Don’t be afraid of cholesterol: Although egg yolks contain plenty of supposedly unhealthy substances, dietary cholesterol does not contribute much to blood values, but saturated fatty acids from food do.

Additionally, each egg contains 7 grams of protein with an optimal amino acid composition that your body can convert 100 percent into muscle mass. In fact, a study conducted by the National Library of Medicine shows that amino acids not only help build muscle, but increase metabolism more effectively than any other nutrient. Thus, an egg a day contributes to an excellent source of protein in your body.


100 grams of delicious legumes contain 16 grams of fiber. The German Nutrition Association (DGE) recommends consuming 30 grams of fiber per day. With 100 grams of chickpeas, you already meet half of your needs. The “Swiss Nutrition Society” recommends adding legumes such as chickpeas to your menu twice a week – in the form of hummus, for example. In combination with other strong foods, this amount is sufficient. By the way, the information is based on the dry weight of small legumes.


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