Nutrition: How to Prepare Diet Lists? – 2022


Nutrition: How to Prepare Diet Lists?

In order to overcome this problem of our century, it is necessary to prepare plans taking into account both healthy nutrition and physical activities.

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Nutrition: How to Prepare Diet Lists?

Every body has an ideal weight measure that varies depending on factors such as height, age, and gender. Any deviation from the ideal size can be corrected using a variety of tools, as long as it is not an extreme factor. Due to factors such as today’s eating habits and lifestyles, the direction of deviation from the ideal weight measurement is generally upwards. In other words, the issue that the individuals who make up the society complain about is overweight. There are various reasons for weight gain. Such as overnutrition, inactivity, hormonal and genetic reasons and environmental factors. Except for genetic factors, all other causes can be easily intervened and success is inevitable after a determined struggle.

The process of gaining weight is quite simple. In cases where more weight is gained than the amount of calories the body needs, the body converts the calories taken into fat tissues and stores them for difficult days in certain parts of the body. What is meant by these difficult days is the days when fewer calories are taken than the need. In other words, in cases where fewer calories are taken than necessary, the body burns the previously stored fat tissues and converts them into energy. Converted energy has many different uses. Brain functions and vital functions continue their activities by utilizing the energy taken from food.

It’s pretty obvious that dieters want to lose weight. One of the things that needs to be done to lose weight is the implementation of diet programs. Since the mathematics of losing weight is as easy as the mathematics of gaining weight, the diet lists prepared by expert dietitians are adjusted to be below the amount of calories that the person should take. How low it will be may vary depending on the age and health status of the person. The difference between the average calorie and the calorie intake causes an increase in the rate of weight loss. Increasing the rate of weight loss can change the effect of diet on health. In other words, dietitians need to find the optimal point by considering multiple factors when calculating fine calories. It is also clear that calorie content is not the only consideration when preparing diet programs. By analyzing the types of nutrients the body needs, dietitians can control processes such as protein, vitamin and carbohydrate intake distributed over meals.

Overweight is not just a matter of being fat. It is a disease that threatens the lives of today’s society. Unfortunately, it has become a common problem for every age group and gender. What are the main causes of obesity? How can you overcome it?

Overweight; It is an increase in the amount of fat accumulated in the body above the normal level, which may be due to genetic, hormonal, environmental and nutritional factors. The most common cause of overweight is overnutrition and inactivity. Today, the number of people suffering from this condition is increasing day by day due to fast-food culture and sedentary lifestyle. People who are overweight are at risk for a variety of health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, joint disorders and also have psychological problems.

While many people think that they can get rid of excess weight only with diet programs, it should not be forgotten that excessive dieting has negative effects on health in addition to losing weight. In order to overcome this problem of our century, it is necessary to prepare plans taking into account both healthy nutrition and physical activities.


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