Nutrition: Failure of diet – 2022


Nutrition: Failure of diet

A healthy nutrition program should be prepared for you. Apply healthy nutrition programs prepared for you.

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Why diets fail; it’s not what you think. | Krzysztof Czaja | TEDxPeachtree – 2022


You forget the target

What was your goal when making a healthy eating program?

  • Reaching your ideal weight
  • Improve your health
  • Improving your quality of life
  • Reaching your ideal and dream body sizes

But you set these goals aside or forget about them. You see your healthy eating program as a burden on you. This causes motivation to drop. Already, when you reach the ideal weight, you will continue with a healthy diet program. At your ideal weight, on the one hand, you will continue with a healthy eating program and on the other hand, there will be a balance between the foods you love to eat with more calorie pleasure. In other words, we will not go beyond the limits of healthy nutrition, which is the basis of a healthy life. Therefore, do not consider your healthy eating program during the slimming process as a burden on yourself. Apply with pleasure, happily and lose weight healthily.

Thinking about the foods you can’t eat with the psychology of I’m on a diet

Remember, there is no such thing as a ban in the weight loss process. You can consume foods that you like and that have a slightly higher calorie content, at a certain frequency and in a certain amount. In addition, it is not correct to think about how many calories are in each food you consume. Thinking like that all the time can put you in a restricted psychology. That’s why your favorite food comes up more often than you thought before. You may even find yourself in an eating attitude that you have never done before.

Diets that are not suitable for your body

Each person’s metabolism and lifestyle is different. Therefore, do not follow diet programs prepared for others. A healthy nutrition program should be prepared for you. Apply healthy nutrition programs prepared for you. Some people prefer unhealthy methods for rapid weight loss. These types of diets will drop your weight fast, but most are muscle and water loss. When you do even a small part of your old-fashioned diet, you will regain most of the weight you lost. Rest assured, most of the weight you gain is fat.

Making lots of excuses to stay inactive and not do sports

You are constantly dieting to lose weight, but at the same time you do not spend any energy to do sports. The desired result can never be achieved with a healthy nutrition program made alone. Make sure to walk for 30-45 minutes 4-5 days a week. Please also remember that, be happy and appreciate your physical health to do sports. Stop puffing and go for a walk.

Don’t try to be perfect.

It is not possible to diet and lose weight perfectly every week. Because your general condition may not be the same every week. For example, you may have a hard time keeping up with your diet during a busy week. Or you may be unhappy. That’s why it’s the biggest mistake to give up entirely because you’re not keeping your diet at the highest level you want. The key is overall stability and do as much as you can. Do not underestimate even the small steps you take. Even those small steps you take over time will help you lose weight beautifully.

Conclusion: So what do we do? While applying a healthy nutrition program, we do not overlook it and do not become unhappy. In short, you make this job enjoyable. We lose weight by following the diet that suits you and trying to learn how to eat healthy. Do not neglect movement and walking. By continuing to progress healthily over time with the right steps without burdening yourself too much, you will both achieve your ideal weight and maintain your healthy weight.


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