Nutrition and lifestyle by moon – 2022


Nutrition and lifestyle by moon

During the second moon phase, in 7.4 days, we move from yang to yin back to the full moon. Nutrition

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Nutrition and lifestyle by moon

The position of the Moon and Sun has a huge impact on the Earth, the variation of the gravitational field strength can move the seas and oceans that are approximately Earth’s. They make up 2/3 of the human body (2/3 of the human body is water and 1/3 is dry matter). Moon phases affect not only the Earth, but also the organization and energy circulation (radesthesia) of all living things.

For example, at the time of the new moon, we “expand” because the earth’s gravity has the least value, we are in the yin state, and then in 7.4 days we reach the yang state. In this case, Earth’s gravity value is greatest, so “squeezing” is the case of receiving. This is when you can take on extra physical, mental, and emotional challenges and consume less yang food (these are concentrated, high-calorie foods). Cold water rinses, compresses, wraps, herbal teas, massages (bioenergetic exercises) and bioenergy treatments are most effective.

During the second moon phase, in 7.4 days, we move from yang to yin back to the full moon. In this case, it is recommended to consume much more fluid (water bioenergy), foods with high water content than average, and in this case it is best to use detoxifying herbal teas and techniques. It is a period of rest, meditation, introspection, and calming down. This is the best time to start when it is easier and more effective to let go of harmful passions. The organization will lead rather than take over, so don’t look for high-performing tasks during this period. At the time of the full moon, the full moon state is characteristic, each process requires much more energy investment from us.

In the 3rd lunar phase, until the last lunar quarter, the tasks are the same as those specified in the first moon phase, and the yang food comes to the fore again. At the zenith of Yang, that is, from the beginning of the last lunar quarter to the new moon, the characteristics of the 2nd lunar phase, namely yin nutrition, come to the fore again. It is recommended to fast during the 2nd and 4th lunar phases, during this period this method of nutrition is most effective, but other than that, one day a week is also very effective in purifying and strengthening the body and mind.


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