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Nose Tip Aesthetics (Type Rhinoplasty) – 2022

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Nose Tip Aesthetics (Type Rhinoplasty)

It is risky to reduce both the total volume and height of the nose tip at the same time in nasal tip aesthetics.

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Nose Tip Aesthetics (Type Rhinoplasty)

It is a form of rhinoplasty in which only the tip of the nose is changed without interfering with the bone structure of the nose.

In this surgery, the tip of the nose can be reduced or enlarged, the angle of the nasal tip can be increased or decreased, the nasal cartilages can be shaped, the nasal tip soft tissue thickness can be increased or decreased, the nose wings can be shaped and the nostrils can be reduced.

If you think that nasal tip aesthetics is a suitable type of surgery for you, first of all, you need to know the following points.

1- There is a visual connection between the subunits in the nose. Changing the tip of the nose can change the appearance of other units and other units may need to be changed to create a balanced nose structure. For example, the higher the tip of the nose, the lower the bridge of the nose is perceived. As the tip of the nose gets lower, the nose appears more arched. In other words, it would be misleading to think that when the nose tip is changed, the nasal bone structure and everything else will look the same as before. For this reason, computer planning before nasal tip surgeries is extra important for the patient to see the possible result.

2- There is no significant difference between the recovery times of nasal tip surgery (type rhinoplasty) and a complete rhinoplasty.

3- In nasal tip aesthetics (type rhinoplasty), it may be necessary to take a piece of intranasal septal cartilage to shape the tip of the nose. Especially in structural nasal tip aesthetics, the operation time can take up to 2 hours. You should not perceive it as a very short and simple process.

4- It is risky to reduce both the total volume and height of the nose tip at the same time in nasal tip aesthetics. The skin of the tip of the nose may gather in the area we call the “supratip” (the junction of the tip of the nose and the back of the nose), and the belt may seem to have slipped down.

5- In nasal tip aesthetics, if a large amount of cartilage is not used in the nose, the surgery can also be performed under local anesthesia. However, this option is often more uncomfortable than general anesthesia.

6- Nostrils will be more visible in nose tip lift surgery.

7- In nasal tip reduction surgery, the wings may appear wider and the nostrils may appear more rounded. It may be necessary to intervene in the wings and holes simultaneously.

8- Nasal tip aesthetics prices are generally lower than rhinoplasty surgeries that also involve the bone structure. Nasal tip aesthetic prices may vary according to the experience of the doctor, the service standards of the health institution and the scope of the procedure.

If the bone structure of your nose is correct, the arch height is appropriate, the skin thickness is thin, the nasal cartilages are strong, the nostrils and wings are of normal size; You may be a good candidate for isolated nasal tip aesthetic surgery.

On the other hand, you now know that the change you want to occur at the tip of the nose can lead to undesirable results due to the reasons I have listed above.

That’s why there is a plastic surgery consultation. During the examination, we evaluate together whether you are suitable for nasal tip aesthetic surgery.

You can contact us for more detailed information about nasal tip aesthetics.


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